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10 Self-Care Essentials You Need

After spending over 100 days in quarantine earlier this year, I have spent a fair share of time testing self care products. And, because of this, I believe that I have  discovered the top ten self care products that you need to incorporate into your self-care regime. This list holds a variety of products that are intended to dedicate care to your mind, body, and soul as I believe a self care regime must pamper each of these entities.

After spending over 100 days in quarantine earlier this year, I have spent a fair share of time testing self-care products. Because of this, I believe that I have  discovered the top ten self-care products essential to an effective regime. This list holds a variety of products that are intended to dedicate care to your mind, body, and soul as I believe a self-care regimen must pamper each of these entities. So, grab your credit card and start ordering these self-care products today! I promise you will not regret it!

1.  Jade Roller

Drum roll please...coming in at number one on my list of self care essentials are jade rollers. Jade rollers are handheld massaging tools with two stone heads at either end that are intended to be rolled across the skin to provide certain benefits. Specifically, the practice of jade rolling is believed to increase blood circulation, tone and lift the face, encourage lymphatic drainage, help products (creams, serums, oils, etc.) absorb better into the skin, and reduce swelling/inflammation. Using a jade roller on your skin also provides a sense of soothing calmness that can only be replicated by a pricey facial massage. As someone who tends to hold their stress in their face, I found jade rolling particularly effective. 

I use my jade roller on my face every morning and night. Using the jade roller at these times made me look forward to the otherwise mundane activity of getting ready for the day or getting ready for bed. Although, it is difficult to tell if I have experienced any of the benefits of jade roller, like toning and improved lymphatic drainage, I can assure you that jade rolling provides an unparalleled sense of relaxation. So, I recommend incorporating a jade roller into your self care routine simply for the relaxation it provides. If they are any other benefits I may experience from jade rolling, they are cherries on top!

Jade rollers are often sold in a set with a Gua Sha, a tool made from jade or pink quartz that is intended to be used for facial massages. So, if you have the option, pick one of these up too. They are great for relieving pain and stiffness, flushing out lymphatic fluids from the neck and cheeks, and alleviating breakouts.  

2. Bath Tray

Coming in at number two on my list of self-care essentials are bath trays. At first, you may be thinking, "Bath trays? What does that have to do with self-care? It's just a piece of wood placed across the bath." 

And you are not necessarily wrong. Using a bath tray completely removes the frustrating task of handling the ledge of the tub to hold everything you will need to access while bathing and worrying that a wrong move will toss your phone into the water.

Using a bath tray, you can have everything you need within an arms reach (i.e. a book, a glass of wine, your jade roller, etc.). You can say goodbye to awkwardly squirming around the tub to access your essentials or emerging out of the bath for a quick second to grab the book that you left on the bathroom counter.

Having a bath tray allows you to set-up your bath for a more enjoyable experience as each item you need will have a designated spot. Thus, your bath will be more enjoyable as your essentials will be close-by. You will no longer experience the unspoken anxiety most of the experience when balancing our cell phone on the ledge of a tub full of water. Bath trays also create a more spa-like experience as they make bathing a more luxurious and worry-free time.

So, if you are taking a bath without a bath tray, you are doing self care all wrong! And, I highly suggested that you invest in one, precisely one with a wine glass holder, as it will completely transform your routine.

3. Under-Eye Gels

Under-eye gels round out my top three self-care essentials. For most of us, getting 8 hours of sleep regularly is not always possible, and my under-eye area definitely shows it. So, my under-eye area can use a little TLC whenever possible.

I've found the best way to tackle the imperfections plaguing my under-eye area is by using under-eye gels. Under-eye gels best target the area as they are tailored to the typical concerns most people have regarding their under-eye area. Most under-eye gels are designed to de-puff, color correcting, brighten, and cool the under-eye area-- 4 things my under-eyes could definitely use.

Under-eye gels are my go-to mask as I've found that they are far more comfortable to use than clay masks or mud masks for several reasons. Firstly, applying and removing under-eye gels is far simpler than applying any other type of mask. You simply place them under your eyes, wait the suggested amount of time, and then pull them off. They also create little to no mess, unlike clay masks and mud masks. Clay masks and mud masks always find their way into my hair, especially my flyaways (even if I am wearing a headband) and applying them. And, under-eye gels better target the areas on my face that need the most attention.

4. Oil Diffuser & Essential Oils

Say goodbye to candles and say hello to its far more attractive sibling, the oil diffuser. For those unfamiliar with oil diffusers, they are devices that disperse essential oils into the air to be inhaled and/or absorbed by the body.

Prior to purchasing my oil-diffuser, I was a candle-feen. Every time I arrived home, I would light a candle, and it would burn until I went to sleep that night. Now that has completely changed, and my love for candles has evolved into a love for diffusing oils.

Diffusing essential oils into my home is part of my daily self-care routine as it is extremely easy to do and provides a number of benefits. Specifically, diffusing oil into your home is believed to relieve stress, improve sleep, have anti-viral effects, kill bacteria and mold, and relieve pain.

Using an essential oil diffuser is also more customizable to your daily needs as you can easily switch scents, depending on what you need that day. For example, if you have a headache one day, you may choose to diffuse peppermint oil as it contains menthol, which aids with pain relief and relaxation. If you want to be lulled to sleep another day, you can simply add chamomile oil to the diffuser. Thus, it is far easier and more cost-effective to switch scents when using a diffuser.

Using an essential oil diffuser also has more health benefits than using candles, as candles release a chemical-filled scent into your home. In contrast, diffusers disperse a natural oil that has proven health benefits.

For me, candles are a thing of the past, and oil diffusers have taken their place in my heart. If you cannot part with your candles, try lighting unscented candles while also using your oil diffuser during your next self-care day. 

5. Faux Fur Blanket

With the winter months approaching, having a soft, luxurious blanket to snuggle up to is necessary. This is the type of self-care product that does not require much effort, simply drape it over yourself and bask in its comfort.

Given that I own far too many blankets for one person, I like to consider myself a blanket connoisseur. I can confirm that lounging in a faux fur blanket is far superior to lounging in any other type of blanket. This is partially due to the additional weight a faux fur blanket provides as well the luxurious feel of the faux fur fabric. Plus, you will look so chic lounging in this blanket while drinking a glass of wine. That sounds like the perfect self care night to me!

The faux fur blanket I have fallen in love with is from West Elm, but you do not have to shell out this much money for a heavy-weight, luxurious faux fur blanket. I would suggest searching Nordstrom Rack for a more wallet-friendly option as they tend to be available for $40-$27 here.

6. Silk Pillowcase 

Number six on my list of self-care essentials are silk pillowcases. Although I was skeptical of the proclaimed "life-changing" benefits of silk pillowcases at first, this product has truly become a front runner in my self-care regime. Oddly enough, my newfound loyalty to silk pillowcases has left me feeling "off" when sleeping on standard cotton pillowcases.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase not only provides a sense of luxury while your body is getting its daily dose of rest and rejuvenation, but there are other benefits to sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcases provide many benefits to your skin and hair, including keeping skin and hair hydrated, preventing split ends and frizz, and preventing wrinkles. 

Even though I have transformed into a firm believer in the "power" of silk pillowcases, I would suggest skipping out on the highly advertised Slip Silk Pillow Cases that will set you back almost $90 for one pillow covering. Instead, opt for a more budget-friendly option from LilySilk that is certainly comparable and has a far more digestible price tag of $27 per pillow case. 

7. A Journal

As previously mentioned, self-care is about taking care of our outer appearance. Still, it is equally essential to ensure that our internal-needs, especially our minds, are not forgotten during our self-care regimen.

Journaling in any form has been proven to have positive effects on one's mental health. Journaling allows individuals to develop a deeper connection to their feelings, identify triggers that evoke certain emotions, manage anxiety, and reduce stress. Thus, I have found that journaling is essential to an effective self-care routine as it has a number of benefits on the mind! 

My personal favorite journal is The Five Minute Journal as it helps place focus on the positive aspects of your day and takes little to no time to complete. Utilizing this journal helps to focus my mind on the positive aspects of my life/my day and makes it easier for me to feel gratuitous at the end of the day.

8. Moisturizing Foot Mask

Feet tend to go unnoticed and un-pampered during most self-care routines, but let's make that a thing of the past. The ultimate self-care routine must ensure that the body is well taken care of from head to toe. Plus, our feet carry the weight of our body all day; so, the least we can do is pamper them every now and then, right?

A moisturizing foot mask is my go-to when it comes to pampering my feet. I have found using a mask that locks in moisture is far better and more effective than using those Baby Foot Peeling Masks, even though they have a cult following. Using a moisturizing foot mask makes dry, cracked feet a thing of the past in 10-15 minutes, whereas using a foot peeling mask leaves your feet looking even worse and more dry before revealing a soft, crack-free heel.

My personal favorite moisturizing foot mask is the Aveeno Repairing CICA Foot Mask. It is $2.99 at target. To apply this mask all you have to do is slip your feet into the plastic boots/slippers it comes with, leave them on for 10 minutes, and rub in the residual product once you remove them. 

9. Body Oil

There has been a lengthy debate over whether body oil or regular moisturizing lotion is better for the skin. Some prefer using traditional moisturizing lotion while others are dead set on using body oil. For a self-care night, I think body oil is the way to go! 

Using body oil, instead of traditional moisturizer, provides a far more luxurious feel and it is a great way to change up your routine, if you are accustomed to lotion. Plus, body oil does not dry as quickly as traditional moisturizing lotion, so you can give yourself a little massage as you rub it in. Body oil also provides a more spa-like experience at home as it mimics the body oil that is commonly used at luxury spas.

My personal favorite body oil is the Palmer's Coconut Body Oil. It is easily accessible, not hard on the wallet ($5.99 per bottle), and smells delicious. It is a must-have for me, especially as the winter blows in!

10. Scalp Massager/Shampoo Brush

The final item on my list of essential self-care products is a scalp massager, commonly referred to as a shampoo brush. I use this product each time I wash my hair, and it provides a few minutes of self-care that is genuinely unbeatable after a long day or a groggy morning. I truly feel that whenever I am using my scalp massager, I am giving myself a 5-star scalp massage.

Scalp massagers/shampoo brushes are handheld, brush-like items that tend to have soft-silicone bristles. To use this product, I apply some shampoo to my head, then hold the scalp massager between my middle and pointer finger, and rub it against my scalp while applying mild pressure. The feeling this simple product provides is so relaxing, and it has become essential in my shower routine.

Scalp massagers/shampoo brushes not only provide a sense of relaxation during your shower routine, but they are also believed to improve scalp health by removing dandruff and flakes and stimulate hair growth by improving circulation. 

My favorite scalp massager is from Amazon. It is durable (I have dropped it many times), effective, extremely inexpensive (under $7), and does not tangle my hair! What else could I ask for?

I hope I have inspired you to update your self-care routine because you deserve it!  Share your self care essentials with us on Instagram & Facebook @itouchwearables. Also, be sure to check out our new articles published daily and the latest styles on iTouchWearables.com!