5 Standing Ab Exercises To Work Your Core

5 Standing Ab Exercises To Work Your Core

Many people dread ab workouts because they need to find a comfortable place to lay down first that won't kill their back. What if we told you that you don't have to hit the floor to get a strong core? Here are 5 standing ab exercises to work your core and get the same benefits - plus you can do them almost anywhere. 

Single Leg With Running Arms

Standing ab exercises will give your core the strength, stability, and mobility you need to stay fit and healthy. Start off easy by standing up straight and engaging your core muscles. Then lift your right knee in front of you to hip height, and move your arms as if you're running for 30 seconds. The key here is to keep your balance with your core keeping you stable, and to not let your ribs overextend. Once the time is up, switch legs and repeat!


5 Standing Ab Exercises To Work Your Core

The next standing ab workout will open your hips and also build core strength and stability. Complete windmills by standing up straight with your feet wider than shoulder width and your right foot turned out at 45 degrees. Then raise your left arm to the ceiling and stretch your right arm towards the floor, while pushing your left hip out toward the left side. You want to keep most of your weight on your left leg, tilt your torso down to the right, and stretch your arms away from each other. We promise it's easier than it sounds! Be sure to squeeze your glutes and return to standing, doing about 10 reps on each side. 

Crossover Knee Raises

5 Standing Ab Exercises To Work Your Core

Working out your oblique and back core muscles help you generate locomotion, which makes you move more efficiently. Try these standing ab exercises by standing up straight with your hands behind your head. Simply bring your left knee toward your right elbow, twisting your torso all the way to the left. You want to get your knee as high as possible, without dipping your torso too far forward. Return to center and repeat for 15-20 reps, alternating your knees. 

Side Hops

These are all great for standing exercises at work, as this one will give you the energy and absorption you need. Plus, side hops are fun to do! While standing, bring your right knee up to hip height, and then hop as far as you can to the right. You should be landing on your right foot and bringing your left knee up to the same height. The key here is to stick the landing and staying in that position until you’re stabilized. Once you have your balance, hop back to the left, landing on your left foot. This is one rep, as you should aim for two sets of ten. 

Single Leg Deadlift

5 Standing Ab Exercises To Work Your Core

A great way to keep workouts fresh is to challenge yourself with something new. If you want a harder ab workout while standing that engages your whole body, then try this. Start by standing up straight with your knees slightly bent, and extending your right leg back. Your toes should be pointed down, as you should let your chest dip forward until your right leg and core are parallel with the floor. Keep your hip bones facing the floor, and reach your left arm toward the side of the room. Return to center, do five reps, and then repeat on the other side. 

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