5 Ways To Keep Your Workouts Fresh

5 Ways To Keep Your Workouts Fresh

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You may know how to make walking workouts more exciting, but what about the other workouts you do regularly? Switching up your fitness routine is good because it keeps you from getting bored and it encourages your muscles to work in new ways. Make a change or two with these 5 ways to keep your workouts fresh!

Switch Your Setting

5 Ways To Keep Your Workouts Fresh

They say that location is key, so stop working out in the same exact place every single day. If you're sick of the sight of the gym, take your exercise outdoors for some fresh air. You can even try working out on the beach with sand if you're up for a greater exercise challenge. It honestly can be just as simple as changing the route you walk or run. Looking at new and different things can take your mind off the exercise, make it easier to complete a workout, and inspire you to go longer. 

Change Your Timing

Do you complete morning workouts or evening workouts? Either way, it's time to switch it up. Working out first thing in the morning before work can energize you, get your brain running, and your body warm for the entire day. On the flip side, a good workout after work can be the best stress-reliever to unwind after a long day. Whatever you do, try the opposite with your timing and you'll be sure to experience a different workout this time around.

Try Different Activities

5 Ways To Keep Your Workouts Fresh

A good way to keep your workouts fresh is completely changing them! Don't let yourself get stuck in a rut by doing the same old thing over and over again. Challenge your muscles and keep your body guessing by mixing it up. Try yoga, pilates, spin class, boot camp, crossfit - the options. You get stronger both physically and mentally by pushing outside of your comfort zone, so what are you waiting for?

Listen to New Music

Listening to music is one of the best ways to get pumped up and set the tone of your workout. We all have our workout playlists, but sometimes a change in rhythm is all you need to keep your workouts fresh. If your collection of tunes is feeling overplayed, have a friend make a mix for you, or check out one of the already-made workout playlists on Pandora, Spotify, or iTunes. You can also listen to a podcast or audiobook while exercising for a totally different feel.

Bring A Friend

5 Ways To Keep Your Workouts Fresh

Exercising is always more fun when you have someone with you. Especially if you're used to working out alone, you should try a workout buddy. This is someone who can keep you company, is down for some friendly competition, and is the greatest motivator for you. This can be a best friend, family member, colleague, or even your dog! Create an exercise pact and establish a routine so you're accountable for each other and stick to it. 

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