A Beginner's Guide To Astrology

A Beginner's Guide To Astrology

Approaching the zodiac and astrology can be a daunting task - with many different aspects needing to be considered. With words such as "The Houses" or even the "Ascendant", there can be a lot of confusion and anxiety when starting to learn more about astrology. If you want to to learn about the basics of each sign and the basics of the houses and planets, we created the guide for you! Below is our "Beginner's Guide to Astrology". 

Approaching the zodiac and astrology can be a daunting task - with many different aspects needing to be considered. With words such as "The Houses" or even the "Ascendant", there can be a lot of confusion and anxiety when starting to learn more about astrology. However, learning about your birth-chart and your signs can provide a ton of insight on your personality and your daily-life, which can result in more inner peace and spiritual wellness. If you want to to learn about the basics of each sign and the basics of the houses and planets, we created the guide for you! Below is our "Beginner's Guide to Astrology" : 

The Four Elements

The signs of the zodiac are broken into four distinct groups, each group containing three of the signs. The groups of the zodiac are represented by four elements that the Greek philosopher, Empedocles, proposed nearly twenty-four hundred years prior. Each element is said to reflect key characteristics among the signs contained within it, each element being a building block to the universe: fire, earth, air, and water. These are what the elements are and what they mean:

  • Fire : (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) - Fire is assertive, energetic, enthusiastic, positive, impulsive, inspirational, powerful, passionate, and initiative. Fire signs also tend to overlook small details when it comes to problems or issues. In analyzing a birth chart, if there are mostly fire signs, it means that this individual is high energy, passionate, and creative. They also tend to be short-tempered and impatient.
  • Earth : (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) - Earth is practical, focused, disciplined, dependable, cautious, responsible, and ambitious. Earth signs tend to help remind others to stay grounded and become one with the "earth". Within one's birth chart, if they find that there are mostly earth signs, they tend to be extremely reliable and pragmatic. On the down side, they mind themselves being rather inflexible and extremely stubborn.
  • Air : (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) - Air is lighthearted, joyful, rebellious, curious, restless, communicative, intellectual, and trusting. Air signs are natural leaders and great communicators. When many air signs are present in one's birth chart, it usually means that they tend to think with their emotions rather than logically, and can be rather indecisive, 
  • Water : (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) - Water is forgiving, emotional, creative, intuitive, and spiritual. Water signs are extremely empathetic and feed well off of other's emotions. With water signs in one's birth chart, they tend to be rather adaptive to their surroundings, but can be rather moody and oversensitive.

Knowing these elements are a key way to understand exactly how each characteristic plays out within your personality. Since each zodiac is under its own elements, your sign does contribute to how these qualities act out - you may find yourself to be attached to one trait more than the other. Within these, there are feminine and masculine powers that rule each element, often also represented by yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energies. Earth and Water tend to be more yin, meaning that they tend to be more nurturing and sensual. In contrast, Fire and Air tend to be more yang, having much more communicative and innovative characteristics that make them ready for action. Being aware of the elements, especially if you want to make your birth chart, is a great and intuitive way to see exactly how each sign plays out within your daily life.

The Signs and Their Meanings

There are twelve signs within the zodiac. Below are the meanings to each sign and how they play out within your personality and lifestyle. 

  • Aries : (March 21st - April 20th | Fire Sign | Ruled by Mars) - *Patrick's Sign*
    • Aries are natural born leaders and pioneers, being the first sign of the zodiac. They crave responsibility, and enjoy being able to work with others and organize potential projects and goals. They are easily magnetic and energetic, being able to creatively and instinctually inspire others with their leadership qualities. Arians are also rather passionate about their beliefs, and will always fight in what they believe in. They also tend to be curious and are always trying to figure out what is happening around them. People who are ruled by Aries are quick-witted and impatient, and can quickly tire with those who are indecisive. They also tend to make lively and warm friends. 
  • Taurus : (April 21st - May 21st | Earth Sign | Ruled by Venus) - 
    • Taurus are practical, patience, and pragmatic, being rather curious and skeptical before taking action. They can appear to be rather stubborn and enjoy doing things in their own way. Taureans often, however, can be quite generous. They often try to make things in reserve for themselves, almost as if trying to keep a certain security. People ruled by Taurus often possess great strengths of determination and drive. This can make them rather inflexible and unforgiving, especially when they have made their minds up about something. 
  • Gemini : (May 22nd - June 21st | Air Sign | Ruled by Mercury) - 
    • People born under Gemini tend to be restless, ingenious, versatile, and quick-witted. They enjoy meeting new people, having an unquestionable thrust for knowledge - both with people and the world around them. They make great conversationalists, being passionate about the subjects they are interested in. They enjoy mental stimulation, and often are highly creative, versatile, and artistic. With this being said, individuals ruled by Gemini often enjoy taking on many projects, but often find them to be half-finished. They also tend to be rather nervous and often deal with great amounts of anxiety. 
  • Cancer : (June 22nd - July 22nd | Water Sign | Ruled by Moon) - 
    • People born under Cancer are imaginative, romantic, and emotional. They tend to be largely ruled by their emotions, being highly sensitive and easily hurt. They have a tend to easily captivate others, and aren't afraid to use that to their advantage. Cancerians enjoy the securities of family and home, making extremely good parents. People ruled by Cancer are often impulsive with money, but can also be rather good bargainers. 
  • Leo : (July 23rd - August 22nd | Fire Sign | Ruled by Sun) - 
    • People born under Leo are natural born leaders, being rather determined with their friendly and open personalities. They are instinctual in gravitating towards leadership positions, being extremely enthusiastic with their interests and daily lives. Because they are often so happy, Leos tend to want others around them to be happy. People ruled by Leo often are very passionate and strong in their success, hating to be ridiculed by others for their work. They do need to be taught how to control things, as they are great in exaggeration and dishonesty. 
  • Virgo : (August 23rd - September 23rd | Earth Sign | Ruled by Mercury) - 
    • Virgos are modest, down-to-earth, and extremely grounded. People ruled by Virgos are intellectual, cautious, and conforming, who often enjoying looking respectable and tidy. They enjoy detailed and precise work, are often being found to be great administrators. Virgos often find it easy to assess others, but try to keep their thoughts to themselves. They are naturally reserved but often enjoy making friends and find that they are easy to keep those friends for life. On the downside, Virgos often are highly critical of themselves, often wanting to each perfection and high standards for themselves. They pay excessive attention to very tiny detail, which can cause them a ton of anxiety and stress. They, however, will also find themselves sticking up for justice in situations where unfairness is absent. 
  • Libra : (September 24th - October 22nd | Air Sign | Ruled by Venus) - 
    • Librans are well-balanced, harmonious, and friendly. They tend to be indecisive, often finding it hard to make decisions. Librans like to think about the matters of the issue, taking agonizing time to weigh very option. However, they are very open, honest, and sincere in their emotions and logic. Librans are very determined when they finally make a decision, and have a strong sense of justice and fair-play. 
  • Scorpio: (October 23rd - November 21st | Water Sign | Ruled by Mars) - 
    • Scorpios are forceful and determined. They have an enormous powerful for concentration, but often do not show this side to them as they are secretive in revealing their true nature to others. They are extremely intuitive and there to provide enormous insight to others. Scorpios are prepared to take risks and often are careful in calculation, finding it easy to make and achieve their goals. 
  • Sagittarius: (November 22nd - December 22nd | Fire Sign | Ruled by Jupiter) - 
    • Sagittarius people are very friendly, open, and optimistic, being naturally enthusiastic and intuitively finding a great zest for life. They are loyal and honest, but can be outspoken and tactless at times. Independence is important to them, and they need space to take time to thrive and be themselves. Sagittarians often need a way to challenge their energies, having time needing to learn and express their talents. They possess formidable foresight and intuition. 
  • Capricorn: (December 23rd - January 20th | Earth Sign | Ruled by Saturn) - 
    • Capricorns are solid, practical, and hardworking, taking great strides in their goals and what they want to achieve within their lives. They are often cautious, careful, and fair, being very ambitious and practical. They find it hard to express their emotions, but are very romantic with the right partner. They enjoy family life, and make extremely well, loving, and responsible parents. 
  • Aquarius: (January 21st - February 19th | Air Sign | Ruled by Uranus) - 
    • Aquarius born people are sympathetic, tolerant, unconventional, rebellious, and altruistic. They tend to be intellectual and inventive, and have a strong sense of humanitarian ideals - being happiest with they are helping others. Aquarians have a rather scientific approach to their thinking, being rather progressive and radical in their beliefs. People ruled by Aquarius often tend to bring their dreams into action, often wanting to seek the truth in everything they do.
  • Pisces: (February 20th - March 20th | Water Sign | Ruled by Neptune) -
    • People born under Pisces are often gentle, imaginative, thoughtful, and creative. They can often be vague and indecisive, but are generally popular and can make successes in their lives. However, they are often rather emotional and sensitive, being easily hurt. They need encouragement to achieve their goals, but once they do, they will always be rather compassionate when they make decisions about their life goals. They enjoy careers that often rely on helping others. 

The Ascendant 

The Ascendant is one of the most important parts in understanding your horoscopes and birth chart. The Ascendant, often known as "rising", details one's upbringing, how they present themselves to their lives, and how they cope with uncomfortable situations. When the Earth rotates on its axis, the zodiacs are often said to rotate on an axis. This means that one sign of the zodiac (the Ascendant) was on the eastern side of the horizon during the time of your birth. If your were born between 4:00 A.M. and 6:00 A.M., for example, your sign is the same exact one as your birth sign or sun sign. If you were born between 6:00 A.M. and 8:00 A.M., your Ascendant would be the sign immediately following your sun sign.

In the most basic of terms, your Sun sign represents your individuality, while your Ascendant reveals your personality. It also has an affect on your outward appearance, and how you even represent yourself individually amongst others. If your Ascendant is a Fire sign, you appear to be individualistic, enthusiastic, and full-of-energy. If your Ascendant is an Earth sign, you will appear cautious, practical, and reserved. For Water sign Ascendants, you are easily emotional, intuitive, and sensitive. People who have Air signs for their Ascendants are often social, friendly, and communicative. 

Your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign often provide rather intuitive in analyzing your nature and personality. It often shows how two people with the same signs can be drastically different from each other. For example, I am an Aries Sun and a Leo Ascendant, and are often told that I am a natural leader, very sincere, friendly, and easy to like. However, some who is also an Aries Sun, but rather a Pisces Ascendant, will be more quieter and often more sensitive. If you want to know what your Ascendant sign is, it is extremely suggested that you know your birth time to find the exact result. 

The Planets

The Planets are the things that help guide you through your life, being the different voices that you embody and represent. Each planet within the zodiac have different influences on different parts of you. Plants can move in retrograde, or even move backwards. Those in retrograde are often felt on much deeper levels. 

  • The Sun : Your Basic Personality | Self Awareness, Inspiration, Conscious Mind
  • The Moon : Your Moods and Emotions | Subconscious and Intuition
  • Mercury : Mind and Communication | Adaptability and Travel
  • Venus : Love and Attraction | How You Handle Relationships
  • Mars : Drive and Energy | Sexuality 
  • Jupiter : Growth, Luck, and Wisdom | Higher Learning and Philosophy
  • Saturn : Discipline and Challenges | Fear
  • Uranus :  Change and Originality | Humanitarianism
  • Neptune : Dreams and Healing | Spirituality
  • Pluto : Transformation and Power | Capacity for Change

The Houses

The planets and the signs operate the best within the houses they are present in. The Houses in the zodiac are sections in which the birth chart is divided into. The Houses are places and not energies, but rather where these energies can easily be adapted and manifested. They act as "fields of experience" rather than the experiences theirselves. 

  • First House (Ruled by Aries)Appearance, Physical Body and Form, Temperament | Likes, Dislikes, and Thoughts
  • Second House (Ruled by Taurus) : Money, Possessions, Resources, and Feelings 
  • Third House (Ruled by Gemini) : Communication, Mental Stimulation, and Relationships | Family Relationships
  • Fourth House (Ruled by Cancer) Home and Childhood | Private and Concealed
  • Fifth House (Ruled by Leo)Pleasure, Love, and Creativity
  • Sixth House (Ruled by Virgo) : System and Order | Health and Hygiene
  • Seventh House (Ruled by Libra) : Partnerships like Marriage and Friends | Enemies 
  • Eighth House (Ruled by Scorpio) : Death, Legacies, and Possessions | Hidden Things
  • Ninth House (Ruled by Sagittarius) : Journey and Philosophy | Higher Education
  • Tenth House (Ruled by Capricorn) : Status, Importance, and Inspirations | Practical Matters and Security
  • Eleventh House (Ruled by Aquarius) : Humanitarianism, Ideals, and Communications | "Hopes and Wishes"
  • Twelfth House (Ruled by Pisces) : Occult, Psychic Abilities, and Unconscious | Health Problems 

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