A "Witch's" Guide To Self Care

The phase of the Full Moon is the most powerful of the cycle, and therefore the most conducive to addressing major issues or challenges you may be facing. Focus on things that are of the utmost importance to your life and take a moment to mediate and reflect on your feelings. If you are curious as to how, here are some of our favorite self-care rituals for the modern day witch!

So, it is finally Halloween - one of (if not) the best holidays around! It is a time when Autumn really seems to be at its peak - the air is crisp and chilly, a surrounding aura of mysteriousness lingering around. This Halloween is especially a sacred one among those charged by the moon - as this year, we will have a Full Blue Moon for the first time in almost nineteen years. The moon holds significance power within mysticism and magic, being connected to intuition, change, fluidity, reflection. The power of the Moon’s energies is undeniable, and we witness it in changing tides, dreams and our bodily cycles. Syncing our lives with its phases can aid us in living a life that is in greater harmony with Nature and its ever-changing seasons.

For those who need a little clarity overcoming a difficult challenge within their lives, or for those who simply need a little guidance and self-care, tuning into the Full Moon can be an essential and powerful task. The phase of the Full Moon is the most powerful of the cycle, and therefore the most conducive to addressing major issues or challenges you may be facing. Focus on things that are of the utmost importance to your life and take a moment to mediate and reflect on your feelings. If you are curious as to how, here are some of our favorite self-care rituals for the modern day witch!

Practice Gratitude with Meditation and a Full-Moon Ritual 

A full moon ritual is simply connecting with yourself, outside guidance you may receive, one's inner being, nature, or whatever it is that lights you up. When performed, it is a night of celebration, gratitude and releasing. To begin your ritual:

  1. Clear Your Space and Get Grounded: As with any ritual you do, begin in a quiet or sacred space. This can be your bedroom, a comfy chair tucked in the corner - whatever you like. Once there, take a moment to ground yourself. Name five things you can see, four things you can smell, three things you can hear, two things you can touch, and one thing you can taste. Breathe deeply while doing. If you have incense, candles, or other sage, start burning it for added aromatherapy and energy release
  2. Release and Forgive: Set an intention. What are some things you are blocked by? What are you currently feeling - is there anything that you want to let go or release. Use a journal sheet to write freely and allow yourself the space to just release what’s on your heart and mind. Allow yourself to feel how you truly feel. Write down any fears or negative feelings you have around your intentions; don’t be afraid to acknowledge these. Take a moment to practice an attitude of gratitude. Release any fearfully or upsetting feeling you may have. You can physically do this by ripping the paper, burning it, or simply folding it up. If you burn it, visualize the smoke releasing any anxieties you have. 
  3. Amplify Your Gratitude: Since the full moon will amplify whatever energy you put out, this is a powerful time to express appreciation for all that is going well in your life. Write appreciation lists and acknowledging what is working and what is positive within your life. The amazing thing about appreciation is that it will instantly begin to raise your vibration and attract abundance towards you. The key is to actually feel gratitude for what you have.

From here, if you have any items you would like to charge, such as crystals, your favorite jewelry, or even any other sacred items, place them in direct light of the moon. Move onto the next step for further release. 

Full Moon Bath Soak and Spell 

After your full moon ritual, take a long hot soak. Water is symbolic of cleansing and recharging. Draw a hot bath and place any salts or oils you feel called to put in. Epsom salt is always a go-to for bath rituals because it physically and energetically cleanses you. Light candles around your bath and turn out overhead lighting if you can. If you have crystals, do not be afraid to line the edge of the tub with them and allow yourself to meditate next to them. 

From here, allow yourself to submerge into the dark and stillness, connecting back to the spiritual realm and yourself. Visualize this water recharging you after everything you’ve released tonight. Know that your doorway is cleared and open, and you’re ready to receive everything you’ve intended to receive.

While soaking, celebrate yourself and all the things you are grateful for. 

Full Moon Love Spell Latte 

For the more homely of witches, the full moon is a time a practice love and soulmate spells. While love universally is seen as love for someone else, it is important to manifest a bit of self-love and self-worth. Those who love to cook and love coffee or tea, this might be exactly what you need to treat yourself to something nice. 

This rose and cardamon iced coffee drink is the perfect love spell for the full-moon. Within various cultures, roses have multiple meanings associated with rebirth and balance. For example, In ancient Greek mythology, the Rose originated from Adonis, the deity of plants and rebirth. In comparison, cardamon usually symbolizes love and protection. In creating this drink, again meditate on your emotions and how you are feeling. With each sip, visualize yourself washing away any negative feeling you have, while nurturing and energizing any positive emotions you feel. Here is how to make it:

Rose and Cardamom Iced Coffee

Serves: 2 Cups of Coffee

Gather Together: 


  • Seeds from 10 Cardamom Pods (or about 1 and 1/4 Teaspoons of Cardamom Powder) - Lightly Crushed 
  • 2 Tablespoons of Edible Dried Rose Petals
  • 360 grams (1 1/2 cups) Organic Valley Half and Half or Non-Dairy Creamer
  • 2-4 Tablespoons of Sugar - To Taste


  • 400 grams Bottled or Filtered Water - Heated to 195-205°F 
  • 40 Grams of Freshly Ground (Medium-Fine) Coffee
  • 160 Grams of Ice Cubes 


  1. Make creamer. Heat all ingredients except the rosewater over medium and bring to a simmer, stirring occasionally to dissolve sugar. Once simmering, remove from heat and cover.
  2. Steep 15 minutes to overnight, tasting occasionally. If steeping overnight steep until it reaches room temperature, and then place in the fridge to continue steeping.
  3. When the strength you desire is reached, strain through a fine mesh sieve. 
  4. Now make your coffee. Heat the water to 195-205°F. If you don't have a thermometer bring the water to a boil and let stand 3-5 minutes.
  5. Meanwhile grind your coffee on the medium fine setting on your grinder, and place the filter in your brewer.
  6. Rinse the paper filter with hot water and discard the water before proceeding.
  7. Place ice cubes in the carafe, and place the grounds in the filter.
  8. Bloom the coffee grounds by pouring approximately 50 grams of the hot water over the grounds (or simply just covering the grounds) and let stand for 30-45 seconds.
  9. Proceed to slowly pour half of the water in concentric circles over the grounds. Let the water level brew down and refill it to the original water line until there is no more water left.
  10. Once brewed if there are any unmelted pieces of ice, give the carafe a gentle swirl. Ice should dissolve completely within a few minutes.
  11. Serve over ice with 1-2 ounces of creamer (to your taste) to every 6 ounces of coffee.

There you have! Rituals perfect for anyone who wants a little self-care! Hope you enjoy them!

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