The Best Activity Tracker for Measuring Results

The Best Activity Tracker for Measuring Results

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It wasn't long ago that exercising and physical activity involved no more than a flexible outfit, a water bottle, and a good pair of running shoes. People weren't concerned with the number of steps they were taking and weren't keeping the detailed records of their calories burned that we do today.

Times change and this one is for the better. Fitness trackers enable us to strengthen our workout routines, to find the areas that need improvement and improve upon them. They help us set goals and meet them while providing us with hard, quantitative data as proof of our success.

The iTouch Wearables iFitness activity tracker is an ultra-modern, straight-forward technological fitness wristband without the 70-dollar price tag. It's not a smartwatch, and it doesn't pretend to be. It strips away all the applications that are irrelevant concerning health and fitness so you can focus on what you really want- a healthy lifestyle. This tracker comes with two interchangeable bands and many options for color customization so you can choose the style that fits you best.

iFitness' Activity Tracker Features

The iFitness activity tracker is iOS and Android compatible. It's armed with five fitness applications to track your activity, including a pedometer, a distance tracker, a calorie counter, a sleep monitor, and a sedentary reminder.

Pedometer, Distance Tracker, and Calorie counter

Possibly the most desirable feature for any activity tracker, the pedometer counts the number of steps you've taken during the day. Set your step goals by the thousands and keep track of your progress through the iOS or Android app. The distance tracker and the calorie counter are grouped with the pedometer. Press the pedometer button twice to view the distance you've traveled, and three times to view your calories burned.

Sleep Monitor

CBS News reports that "About a third of Americans are chronically sleep deprived… [which] can make you more susceptible to weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and depression." The sleep monitor keeps track of your quality of sleep- the amount deep sleep and light sleep you get per night, and the number of times that you wake up during the night. The ability to continuously monitor your sleeping patterns to determine your quality of sleep is essential for your health. After all, you can't fix something if you don't know it's broken. If you find consistent issues with your quality of sleep, talk to your doctor about what can be done to help. 

Sedentary Reminder

Set a reminder to tell yourself to get up and move. Sedentary reminders notify you when you've been idle for a certain amount of time. For example, if you set a reminder for one hour, your iFitness activity tracker notifies you if it doesn't detect sufficient movement for an hour. 

Minimal and Relevant 'Non-Fitness' Features

The only 'non-fitness' features that are integrated into the iFitness activity tracker are necessary and relevant to your lifestyle, including the camera remote, notifier, lost alert, and find band.

Camera Remote

The camera remote, while it isn't technically a fitness app, is a fun feature that you can utilize during your fitness routine. Capturing your proudest moments adds to the pleasure of a fitness routine. You take inspirational before-and-after pictures, photos for social media sharing, or landscapes photos from your walking, running, or biking trips. The camera remote feature enables you to take these pictures from your phone 'with a flick of your wrist.'


Just because you don't need the distractions of extra apps, doesn't mean you need to miss out on important notifications. The notifier sends you notifications of text messages, emails, social media, and more- so you can keep up with what's happening around you without having to stop to take out your phone.

Lost Alert and Find Band

Let's begin by clarifying that the lost alert is not an alert feature for when you're lost. You'll have to take out your phone for that. It is a feature that notifies you when you move a certain distance away from your phone. In this way, the iFitness helps you keep track of your phone when you set it down or drop it. The find band feature works in reverse. You can use your phone to find your iFitness activity tracker.

In 2017, the activity tracker was the most popular wearable device, outdoing smartwatches by 8%, and maintaining 30% of the wearable technology market share. The iFitness activity tracker's straight-forward application and customizable modern design make it the top choice for people interested in measuring their fitness results.