Benefits Of Less Screen Time For Adults

Benefits Of Less Screen Time For Adults

Most of us can't remember a time where we weren't face to face with a screen all day. Often the hours of screen time a day outweighs the hours of sleep we are getting a night. Taking a break from your computer screen or other screens now and again can sometimes be necessary. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating less screen time for adults, and more me time in your life.

Benefits of Less Screen Time #1: Better Night's Sleep

Many of us are guilty of scrolling through our feeds and streaming our favorite shows into the late hours of the night. While all of that is very tempting, it can not only keep you up at night, but it can also make it harder for you when you are ready to go to sleep. Studies show constant screen time before bed can mess up your body clock and decrease your REM sleep.

Benefits Of Less Screen Time For Adults

Benefits of Less Screen Time #2: Fuel Your Focus

Getting in that mid-day funk can mess up your motivation! Taking some time away from screens can help you revamp yourself up and rally through the day. Even if you simply shut off your phone for an hour or two, you will realize how much less distracted you will be.

Benefits of Less Screen Time #3: Getting Ish Done

When you silence all of your screens, you truly realize how much time they take up in your day. If your to-do list is piling high, it can make such a difference to turn off your devices and face your tasks head-on. Instagram and Twitter can no longer save you from your responsibilities. 

Benefits Of Less Screen Time For Adults

Benefits of Less Screen Time #4: Less Social Media, More Social Life

Social media has taken the way people interact by storm. You no longer have to put yourself out there for someone, instead, you can just DM them on Instagram. Incorporating fewer screens can have a great impact on how you communicate with your peers, loved ones, and family. Something quick and easy like having a no-phone policy at the dinner table or leaving your phone at home when you hang out with your friends can help you make us come out of our social media shell. 

Benefits Of Less Screen Time For Adults

Benefits of Less Screen Time #5: Namaste

Stress is something that seems inevitable in our day to day lives. Things like your phones and computers can contribute to higher stress levels. When we feel overwhelmed, we often go for a day full of Netflix or our favorite movie marathon, but taking a day where we take the time to finish that book or try that new hiking spot can make a world of difference in our stress levels. 

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