Benefits of Night Workouts

Benefits of Night Workouts

You already know the benefits of outdoor workouts and the benefits of indoor cycling, but what about the benefits of night workouts? There's much controversy around whether morning workouts or evening workouts are better. In reality, it just comes down to the person's preferences and what works best for them.

Sleep Better

Benefits of Night Workouts

There's a commonly-held belief that late workouts can leave exercisers feeling too "pumped" to rest. However, evening activity doesn’t necessarily equate to disturbed sleep. Even when it’s something energizing like high-intensity interval training, there's no negative impact of sleep. Research shows that participants who worked out at night actually slept the same amount that night as when they exercised in the morning or afternoon. If anything, they claimed to sleep better!

Reduce Hunger

This is an interesting benefit of night workouts. People who exercise in the evening resulted in a reduction of the hormone ghrelin, which is related to appetite and reduced hunger. So not only could you still snooze as well as ever by working out at night, but you might even feel less inclined to over-indulge at dinner time.

Increase Motivation

Benefits of Night Workouts

It takes a lot of motivation to workout after a long day of work or anything else you did. Therefore, exercising in the evening can give you that motivation boost you need to carry on and keep reaching your fitness goals.You'll feel stronger and more dedicated as ever when you choose to spend your night exercising over anything else. 

Limit Excuses

Benefits of Night Workouts

Continuing off of motivation, working out at night will make you more inclined to attend those evening classes or go to the gym when it's emptier. The second you go home at night, that's it. You're done. You're glued to your couch, bed, or TV and there's nothing driving you to go out. If you link leaving work with heading to the gym, you're creating a healthy habit and limiting any excuses. 

Commit To Healthy Habits

Night workouts are added into your daily routine as if you would complete a morning workout. Therefore, you're committing to a healthy habit and committing to a fitness routine ahead of time. Exercising at night should be something you look forward to at the end of the day, not something that you have to see how you're feeling or completely dreading. Find a night spot you, and see how fun night workouts can be!

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