Best Affordable Family Weekend Getaways

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In the middle of summer, oftentimes it's easy to get swamped up in work, your child’s camp, or other obligations that prevent you from enjoying your time in the sun. Taking a spontaneous weekend trip will allow you to both literally and figuratively get a breath of fresh air. Taking time to enjoy the company of others and the warm weather is extremely beneficial for your mental and physical health. Trip planning can be pricey and stressful, but we’ve got you covered. This article has compiled a list of some of the most fun, yet affordable weekend getaways you can enjoy this summer with your family. 

State Parks

Waterfall in park

One of the best, yet most affordable ways to spend a few days away from home and in nature is by taking advantage of your local state parks. Most state and national parks have everything you could need, from tent sites to family-sized cabins with electricity and running water. These parks are full of beautiful, scenic hiking/mountain biking trails, swimming holes and waterfalls, and priceless views. Weekend getaways to state parks promise a time of familial bonding and memories that will last a lifetime. 

Water Parks

Kid on water slide

Look no further than a good-old-fashioned waterpark for a weekend of fun! With family rates and package hotel deals, water parks are perfect for those that want to spend time relaxing by the pool with kids that never stop playing. Rather than amusement parks, waterparks ensure you’re able to cool off and enjoy a hot day in the sun. Affordable prices and simple entertaintment like this goes a long way for a short vacation.

iTouch Smartwatch

An iTouch Wearables smartwatch is the perfect accessory for your weekend getaway. With the ability to count your steps, track your heart rate and O2 levels, and log your exercise, it records your fun in the sun. Don’t worry about getting it wet, as our watches are waterproof! You can’t step into summer without one!

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