Burpees Benefits And How To Properly Do One

Burpees Benefits And How To Properly Do One

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Burpees may be one of your least favorite exercises. You're probably saying that you have more of a love/hate relationship with them. You love them because your body looks insane after, but hate the pain and exhaustion while doing them. Stop hating burpees and keep reading to find out some benefits and routines!

Benefits Of Burpees

 Burpees Benefits And How To Properly Do One

Believe it or not, burpees should be incorporated into every workout routine you do. This exercise can eliminate all other cardio activity from your routine, as it includes the entire body. Your arms, legs, chest, hamstrings, glutes, and abs are all being used in just a few motions. They can also burn an extreme amount of calories. Wouldn't you rather do one exercise as opposed to a bunch and burn more calories? If you are looking for an intense fat loss exercise to include into your regimen, burpees should be the one. High intensity exercise can burn up to 50% more fat than others. After completing your burpee workout, your body has boosted its metabolism. So once your burpee hell is over, you will continue to burn calories all day long. Endurance and strength can also be increased with the addition of burpees into your life. They simulate your heart rate in a small period of time and can help you to get in shape fast. Moreover, burpees can be done anywhere, as they do not require any equipment. If you plan on skipping the gym one day during the week, you can do a quick set of burpees and still be in the comfort of your own home. Skipping the treadmill and elliptical are now an option!

Whats Is A Burpee?

Burpees Benefits And How To Properly Do One

Now that you know the benefits, and are hopefully more inclined to do some, this is what a burpee actually is. Burpees were invented by Royal H. Burpee in the 1930's. It was first used as a physical fitness test, done in four motions. It is started in a standing position. Next, you lower into a squat and place your hands on the ground. Now, you must kick you feet back into a plank and hold yourself up with your arms and then immediately form back into squat position. Finish by jumping back up to standing point. By knowing what a burpee is, hopefully you have not been discouraged from doing them. Remember: "no pain, no gain." If you need more encouragement, remember all the benefits for your body and health. 

Burpee Workout Routine   

Burpees Benefits And How To Properly Do One

Here are a couple of workouts to get you started in your exploration into the burpee world. 

  1. Descending Ladder Technique - Start with a set of 10 burpees and then rest for one minute. Then work your way down in each set. Continue with 9 reps and then again resting for 1 minute. Keep decreasing each set until you get to 1 rep and rest in between. 
  2. Burpee Drills - Set a timer for yourself. An effective amount of time is about 2 minutes. Do as many burpees as you can within this amount of time. 
  3. 100 Burpee Challenge - This routine is a little more challenging. It is simply doing 100 burpees. This does not have to be done fast, the point is that you complete 100 reps. You may take rests in between for as long as you like as well. If this is a little out of reach for you then start with a smaller goal, such as 50. 

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