4 CBD Spa Treatments You Should Try

CBD Spa Treatments You Should Try

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CBD is all the rage right now, especially in the beauty industry. Many people claim that it has worked magic on their skin and gives you a gorgeous finish. Spas are also getting in on the CBD outbreak and incorporating it into various treatments. Continue reading for some CBD Spa treatments that you should be doing.

CBD Vs Weed

4 CBD Spa Treatments You should Try

CBD is a molecule found in hemp plants. It stands for cannabidiol. The oil comes from the cannabis plant secretions called trichomes. Many people think that hemp and weed are the same thing. Hemp is actually a biodegradable and recyclable fiber, great for making clothing and contains little amounts of THC. Weed is a bushier, flowering plant and contains high amounts of THC. CBD is rich in antioxidants and made up of vitamins A, D, and E. These vitamins help the skin's overall health and appearance. When added to spa treatments, it can reduce puffiness and improve texture. It can also amplify the active ingredients in other products that are being used in the treatment as well. 

CBD Facial

4 CBD Spa Treatments You should Try

A facial is the most common CBD practice in spas. It starts with a CBD tincture. This is allows you to relax but not fall asleep. This oil gets massaged into the shoulders. It creates an energy flow while also relaxing you at the same time. Dirty skin is washed away with the cleansing and steam treatment. They place a heated towel on your skin which forces your pores to open up and sweat. This releases all the toxins from your face. For some exfoliation, a charcoal mask is applied to the skin. This allows your pores to shrink, fights acne, and removes dirt. Next, a CBD mask is applied, which assists to restore damaged skin. The combination of vitamins, oils, and herbal ingredients work to soothe the skin as well as prevent dryness and wrinkles. Now CBD calming creams are incorporated into the routine. It reduces redness and moisturizes the skin. Lastly, the technician is going to give you 6 minutes of cryotherapy and CBD lotions. Your skin should feel fully refreshed and vitalized as well as relaxed. 

CBD Massage

4 CBD Spa Treatments You should Try

Every CBD massage can be tailored to your specific requests and needs. You can focus on anything such as relaxation, pain, or both. A CBD massage typically includes hemp oil, which is rubbed into the body with various aromatherapies. These can be lavender or rose. Your therapist should rub the mixture into all parts of the back, neck, and shoulders. You should feel your body fill with a warm, intense, soothing feeling. Most hemp massages can be a bit expensive and range from $200-$350, depending on the time and place. 

CBD Manicure & Pedicures 

4 CBD Spa Treatments You should Try

Many spas also have the option of CBD a manicure and pedicure. These procedures are relatively the same as regular manicures and pedicures, except they end with a CBD lotion scrub on both your hands and feet. It is another way to relax the body and relieve stress. This topical lotion takes about 1 hour to fully absorb into the skin. Many regular salons in California are incorporating products called Kush Queen. These CBD products are meant to intensify manicures and pedicures. 

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