How To Lose Weight And Burn Fat By Swimming

How To Lose Weight And Burn Fat By Swimming

Swimming is not only just a fun summer activity, but is a great way to lose weight and burn fat. Swimming is such a fun way to get your workout in. When you are swimming, you are only using 10% of your body weight. This means that swimming is easy on your joints and ligaments, whilst still giving you a killer workout. Keep reading to find out all the benefits swimming has to offer! 

How To Lose Weight Swimming

How To Lose Weight Swimming

Losing weight while swimming is entirely possible. This is because swimming allows for a full body workout. Studies have shown that people who swim three times a week are able to lose inches off their waist. It is important to note that to lose one pound, you will need to burn 3,500 calories. In order to burn 3,500 calories, you will need to spend 7 hours in the pool. This is entirely possible, though the best way to lose weight is to combine swimming and a healthy diet. In addition, swimming is a great way to lose weight safely. Swimming allows for less injury than typical gym equipment. Not only will you bypass the confusing gym machines, but you will also reduce your risk of injury on them.  

Which Swimming Stroke Burns The Most Calories?

How To Lose Weight Swimming

So, lets really get into it. Though all strokes are a great way to burn fat and lose weight, there is a hierarchy. Here are four key strokes that maximize your swim. 

#4  Breaststroke 

This particular stroke is not the highest in burning calories, but it is great if you are looking for a full body workout. This stroke is known for being slow and steady, and allowing for some serious toning to happen. This stroke works your legs, chest, back, and core. Not to mention, the breaststroke is the best cardiovascular workout. 

#3 Backstroke 

We all love to float on our back, but the backstroke is just a step above. This particular stroke builds up your butt, shoulders, legs, and arms. It has also been shown to improve hip flexibility and poster. So, if you are looking for a few extra inches, try out the backstroke! 

How To Lose Weight Swimming

#2 Freestyle 

Want back muscles? Try the freestyle! This stroke tones back muscles like no one's business. The freestyle stroke also has a full body component to it as well. 

#1 Butterfly 

Finally, the Butterfly is in first place. Not only is this stroke challenging to learn, but it is also the biggest calorie burner. This is because of the intense movement and muscle strength that goes into this challenging stroke. 

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