How To Make Walking Workouts More Exciting

How To Make Walking Workouts More Exciting

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Whether you're trying to reach 10,000 steps or walking workouts are your preferred exercise, you're probably starting to get bored of doing the same thing every time. The goods news is that there are many challenges that will help take your walk to the next level and make walking workouts more exciting.

Challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone actually helps you get stronger and healthier. So keep yourself motivated and excited by walking, and give yourself that added push by trying some of the ways below.

Involve Your Friends

how to make walking workouts more exciting

The best way to make walking workouts more exciting is adding your friends to the mix! Try challenging your friends with the same workout and turn it into a steps, weight loss, or distance competition. You can also bring your friends along with you on your walks for good conversation and to help motivate each other. We're talking both people friends and furry ones here. Taking your dog for daily walks will keep you both in shape and entertained. They'll definitely give you the extra push you need!

Do Daily Step Challenges

Walks are more exciting when you're determined to reach a certain goal or number of steps. That's why we suggest participating in daily step challenges, even if it's just with yourself. Commit to 10,000 steps a day for 10 days in a row, or something less that you can commit to. Maybe start with 5,000 steps in a row for 5 days, and then increase it from there.

Increase Your Speed

How To Make Walking Workouts More Exciting

Doing the same speed your entire walk is one of the reasons why it may be boring. Try a variation of walking speeds next time by speeding up for short intervals in the midst of a longer walking session. The easiest way to do this is spotting an object or store in the near distance and picking up the pace to get there. This can be just 15-30 seconds, and then walk slowly for 5 minutes, and then pick it back up to normal pace again. 

Sprint Up & Walk Down

Besides simply increasing your speed, you can also do a short sprint as part of your walking workout. Start by finding a hill if you're working out outside, or even a staircase inside. Warm up by walking around normally for a few minutes. Then, when you're ready, sprint up the hill or staircase as fast as you can. Once you make it to the top, slowly walk back down. Walk at a normal pace to catch your breath, then repeat the exercise. Ideally you want to keep going for 15 minutes, then cool down with an easy 10-minute walk to conclude a 30 minute workout sesh.

Beat Your Time

How To Make Walking Workouts More Exciting

Another fun way to challenge yourself while walking is beating your original time to a destination. For example, pick a landmark about a 15 minute walk from where you’re starting. This can be a corner store, a restaurant, or the end of a road. Walk to your destination and time how long it took you to get there. Then when you head back home, do so at a faster pace. The goal is to go out easy and come back strong, so you should try to make it back faster than you went out. 

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