How To Not "Fool" Yourself Into Breaking Your Workout Habits

How To Not "Fool" Yourself Into Breaking Your Workout Habits

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Surprise! You won a lifetime trip around the world - all expenses paid! Sit on the many warm beaches of the Republic of Palau while you sip that pineapple cocktail you've been dreaming of, or spend your time walking the streets of the Champs-Élysées dining at the world's finest restaurants! It could all be yours now! 

Just one thing - we have a little secret to tell you... 

"April Fools!"

We're sorry for tricking you - especially since it is so nice to think that we can have that opportunity and dream of having the perfect relaxing trip we wish we could have done. And while relaxing is an important self-care device that more people need to tap into, it is also important to make sure we are keeping up our good habits and goals started with the New Year. By the time April often swings around, it feels as if almost 90% of people didn't stick with the resolutions they had set back in January. People stop eating healthier, falling back into old routines, or people give up their workout routines for nights on the couch. While it is okay to do it once and again, we are here to motivate you to be that 10% that actually stick to their resolutions, even in April! So here is our mini-guide on "how to not 'fool' yourself into breaking your workout habits:"

Ask Why You Might Be Skipping Workouts

We understand that every now and then you may need to skip a workout because you are too tired or you are too busy - and honestly, we have been there. But it starts to be an issue when these excuses become consistent and you find out you haven't been working out for weeks. If this happens, there could be an underlying issue that might need to be addressed. Does it come from lack of motivation

Julia Tehovnik, a licensed professional counselor in Chicago who deals with sports and health psychology has said,

“If we’re feeling unmotivated, it’s quite easy to push working out down the list of our priorities. Once our motivation starts to lessen, it becomes easier to find reasons to skip our workout routines. [These] include having no time to work out due to a busy schedule, or feeling too tired at the end of the day from being busy all day. Underlying those excuses is usually a lack of motivation.”

More so, Julia Tehovnik says that some people just naturally find themselves in a rut, finding that they are not finding the results that they want when it comes to their routines or workouts. They may often find themselves in a sense of worthlessness when it comes to their workouts, tying in to then the lack of motivation that they often feel shortly afterwards. 

Some people argue that it comes from a lack of prioritization as well. For a lot of people, it is easier to skip a workout than try to reschedule it throughout your day or find another time to within the week to do it. While it is important to stay on top of your tasks, your physical health and body should not be on the bottom of your priority list. 

Remember Why You Are Working Out

If you are feeling rather unmotivated when it comes to working out or are simply not finding the time in your schedule anymore to workout, getting back on track and keeping your habit up definitely is critical. In doing so, it is often important to remember exactly why you are working out in the first place - setting that intention and regain that motivation that once was there. Everything boils down to that person's "why" - if it isn't strong enough, how are you ever going to stick with it (just ask Sheryl Crow, she knows)! 

When it comes to your why, even if it just to lose weight, gain muscle, or to accomplish a goal such as running a marathon, visualize that goal. Write it down. When it comes to that why, make sure it is something that is attainable - keeping it realistic. Start of small if you need to - such as, "I want to run on the treadmill up to 45 minutes by Friday." Keep a timeframe as well for when you want to achieve these goals. Be sure to include a fun factor to keep you motivated more - doing something that is enjoyable or leads to a feeling of accomplishment is easier to stay on track for, than a goal which has no enjoyment.

Sticking To Your Workout Routine

When it comes to sticking to your workout schedule and routine, there are several ways to ensure that you do not "fool" yourself into breaking your workout habits. Here are some tips that we found that can help:

  1. Find Something You Enjoy - You definitely do not need to keep doing workouts that you do not enjoy over and over again to ensure you are getting in a routine. This is only going to lead to more unmotivated days! Find something that you enjoy! If it is boxing, include more boxing based workouts into your routine. If it is yoga, find out how to implement yoga poses into your workout! Do what works for you! 
  2. Stay Consistent - Keep a consistent time for your workout - if you like to workout in the morning, be sure to save time each day to do your routine. Switching it up will only confuse you in the end and you may find that you won't be able to prioritize your workout as much as you used to. 
  3. Mix It Up - If you are finding that your routine is also getting to boring and lacks variety, try switching it up a bit! It can make working out more fun and something that is more enjoyable! 

With these tips, you will surely find that you will be able to stick with your workout routine and keep up your motivation! Share with us how you will not "fool" yourself into breaking your workout habits by following us on Instagram @itouchwearables and Facebook @itouchwearables and by dropping a comment and like. Also, be sure to check out our new articles published daily!