How To Prevent Weight-Gain Weekends

How To Prevent Weight-Gain Weekends

We all deserve a weekend getaway every once in a while. However, some of us take advantage of this and choose to indulge in cocktails, extra food, and unhealthy choices. All that hard work you did during the week can be gone in a matter of a couple of days. Here's how to prevent weight-gain weekends NOW!

Prepare For The Weekend

How To Prevent Weight-Gain Weekends

If you know that you're going away in advance, then you must prep your body for what's to come. Let's say you'll be on a trip Friday to Sunday. Use Thursday to skip any alcohol, grains, and saturated fats. In addition, you can "pre-eat" to make up for empty calories you will be having. Drink plenty of water and have power foods like asparagus that will break down sugars quickly, while debloating you. Having a little good fat such as walnuts or olives also work well and will slow down the affects before you eat your heart out.

Plan Your Meals

How To Prevent Weight-Gain Weekends

The next step to prevent weight-gain weekends is to plan your meals in advance. Don't just graze around whatever house you're at and rely on junk food the whole weekend. Take a mental walk through in the mornings and think about where you're going to be and what you will eat for the day. You want to note distinct meals and snacks, aiming for three full-on meals instead of one meal and ten snacks. Additionally, you'll want to make sure you're set up for the week with food when you return. You'll be away for the weekend, but don't neglect the week ahead. Decide to go food shopping on your way home or have groceries delivered.

Track Your Activity

how to prevent weight gain weekends

It's easy to move less on the weekends by spending more time laying in bed, lounging by a pool, or tanning on a beach. Nonetheless, tracking your activity is especially important on the weekends. You're not chained to a desk anymore, so see what you got! Take a stroll on a boardwalk, complete beach workouts, or take a hike. You'll be preventing weight-gain weekends and looking more beach bod ready in no time. 

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