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How To Take A Weekend Staycation

When was the last time your family took a vacation? Chances are, it probably wasn't sometime this year, but do you remember how expensive it may have gotten? By the time you had arrived home feeling spent, did you feel as if you had spent in more ways than one?

When was the last time your family took a vacation? Chances are, it probably wasn't sometime this year, but do you remember how expensive it may have gotten? By the time you had arrived home feeling spent, did you feel as if you had spent in more ways than one?

According to Forbes and recent research posted on their site, a single family vacation costs over $4,500 – and that’s just for an average vacation. According to TIME, if you decide to splurge and take your family of four on a vacation to Walt Disney World for four days, then you can expect to spend around $6,300.

To summarize, vacations can get expensive - and we get it, they’re fun, and yes, you can make some great memories that your kids will cherish forever. However, there are ways to still vacation without having to break the bank to do it. What if you take a portion of what you would typically spend on a week-long vacation and plan a luxury staycation instead? Curious as to how - look no further, this is our guide for taking the perfect weekend staycation. 

What Exactly Are The Benefits of A Staycation?

We all know that spending money on a vacation is in fact fine - that is, only if you can afford it. However, according to most research, many Americans cannot actually afford to. According to research presented by Reuters, "74% of Americans go into debt to pay for a vacation, putting an average of $1,100 on credit cards."  Whether this is because their vacations weren't planned in advance, or simply because they weren't expecting the last minute charges that actually come with taking a vacation, these numbers are still pretty shocking!

There are also plenty of people in the workforce who cannot actually afford to take a break during the year from work in order to take a vacation. According to a poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, "almost half of Americans won’t take a vacation at all, merely because they can’t afford it." This can be an answer as to why Staycations have grown in popularity in recent years. 

If you plan your Staycation correctly, a weekend at home can feel far more relaxing than a rushed, expensive trip in an unfamiliar place. If you’ve ever arrived home thinking, “I need a vacation from my vacation,” then you can understand.

Planning Your Staycation - Look At Your Budget

The most significant benefit of a staycation is the money you’ll save. But just because you’re not spending "X" amount of money on a family vacation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend anything. In fact, when you’re staycationing, some strategic spending can make a big difference in actually enjoying your time and having fun during your "trip." 

Start by looking at what you spent, on average, for your last few vacations. Keep a note of all expenditures: airfare or other travel costs, hotels, restaurants, souvenirs, and entertainment. If you’re unsure about costs, that means it’s time you set up a budget.

Then begin to question what you are actually willing to spend on your staycation. When you have a total that feels good for you, write it down. After you figure out your staycation allowance, your next step is to plan how you’re going to spend it.

Ideas For Your Staycation

When planning your staycation, we have a few simple ideas for what you can do to make the most of it! 

  1. Consider Hiring A ChefIf you want to take a break from cooking, consider hiring a personal chef for the weekend. A personal chef will do all the meal planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. There are many options when choosing your chef, as some pay by the hour or by the plate! Most chefs can also cook an entire week’s worth of meals in one or two days, which can be quite beneficial if you are looking to change up the menu and try new foods. If your hands shake with excitement at the thought of handing over family meal planning and prep for a week, this can be a worthwhile splurge!
  2. Consider Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone - We recommend that for your staycation, you do something new and exciting! Visit a restaurant you’ve never tried before, or find a recipe featuring a different cuisine and make it at home with your partner or children. Research the nearest big city to explore and consider a day trip. Visit a museum you’ve never been to before. While there, sign up for a tour so that you can immerse yourself more fully into the exhibits.
  3. Explore Some Unique Activities -  Chances are, there are tons of tourist attractions, parks, or recreational activities in your area that you’ve never tried before. Your staycation week is the perfect time to try something new. Do some research on local activities and write them all down – yes, all of them. Next, let everyone in your family choose one that they would like to try that weekend!

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