How To Wear Makeup To The Gym

How To Wear Makeup To The Gym

You might think that sweating while wearing makeup will end in disaster, but if done right, it’s totally possible to look good while exercising. Pick up a brush and see what works for you! Here's how to wear makeup to the gym and look confident doing so.


How To Wear Makeup To The Gym

Going to the gym is almost routine for most people. We don’t go because we want to, but because some of us actually feel like we owe it to ourselves to workout. A really good motivation to work out as well as a confidence booster is wearing makeup to the gym - and it’s definitely not something to be scared of or ashamed of! Professionals seem to agree; U.S National Soccer Team and World Champion Sydney Leroux says, “Look good, play good, feel good,” and she’s not wrong. Also, exercising has recently become a social activity; many of us prefer pretty pictures and no matter what you may have read or heard, makeup at the gym is totally okay for your skin - if done correctly. If you feel better going in, you are more likely to work yourself harder and push further. It’s an important expression, especially if wearing makeup is part of your everyday routine.

Feel Good Doing It

How To Wear Makeup To The Gym

Wearing makeup to the gym is not bad for your skin, it’s really all about the cleansing. It is very customizable; there are options for a full makeup look, but some basic concealer and mascara won’t hurt. There are so many sweat-proof products out there that are made for this purpose, and using them may not be such a bad idea. Makeup that is too heavy can definitely mess with your pores; we are not suggesting a full blown makeup routine. Makeup at the gym should be handled with care, but there are many products that are totally suitable. For example, non-comodegenic products will not clog your pores, and cleansing your skin before and after you work out is also a smart option.

Top Gym Makeup Picks

How To Wear Makeup To The Gym

Depending on the look you want to go for, here are some perfect products to cover all the bases. You can pick and choose which are suitable for you!

Sport FX Recovery Gel Cooling Primer: this primer is a vitamin infused, non-greasy, sweat resistant primer and perfect for cooling redness.

Tarte Cosmetics Athleisure Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer: this base is perfect for glowing skin without packing your face with powder. It’s an oil free hybrid moisturizer that contains light reflecting pigments to highlight.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye: this concealer is waterproof, high coverage, and it hides bags so well - no one else has to know you didn’t sleep last night!

Sweat Cosmetics Twist Brush + Mineral Foundation (SPF 30): although foundation is totally optional and some of us might not prefer it, this foundation is undoubtedly amazing. No more beige smeared white towels! It’s also sweat proof so it won’t stream.

Arrow Revive Cooling Cheek Tint: this blush is made with an oil free gel formula, and it doesn’t clog pores or streak.

Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara: this mascara is every athletes’ dream. It repels water so forcefully that you could pull off days of intense workouts without ever having to look in a mirror!

Clinique FIT Post-Workout Neutralizing Face Powder: post-workout cleansing is vital. This product cleanses and nourishes the skin after a good workout, so say bye to tomato faces!

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