iTOUCH Wearables Launches Innovative Women's Smartwatch

iTOUCH Wearables Launches Innovative Women's Smartwatch

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There are many smartwatches on the market, and many nowadays cater to women. Female smartwatches are growing, as they want smart but stylish and beautiful technology to wear every day. iTouch Wearables has this covered with their new and innovative women's smartwatches.

Why iTOUCH Wearables for Women?

Look - there are tons of smartwatches out there for women. From designer brands, to start-ups. However, you can get all the similar looks and features for a much affordable price with iTouch Wearables. Other women's smartwatches can cost anywhere from $150 - $1,200. However, iTouch Wearables sells on-trend smartwatches for less than $100!

iTOUCH Air 2

Women's Smart Watch

We understand style and tastes, and that's why the iTOUCH Air 2 is perfect for every outfit. Whether you want to embrace your sporty or girly self, this innovative smartwatch is for you. The all-new metal case and glass face is great for increased durability and a sleeker look. This women's smartwatch is designed for both your connected and fitness life, so you can keep up in the most chic way. Monitor your heart rate, watch the square dial, and remain comfortable throughout the day with the silicone strap. You can also take pictures with your phone's camera using your iTOUCH as a remote with a flick of your wrist, be your own DJ with music control, view your email notifications, and monitor your sleep. It's literally a girl's new best friend.

iFitness Pulse Activity Tracker

Innovative Women's Smart Watch

Speaking of best friends, these smartwatches are perfect to wear on a girl's day or night out. If you want something skinnier and more fitness related, then opt for the iFitness Pulse Activity Tracker. This is a great women's smartwatch that is designed for your fashionable and active lifestyle. From tracking your steps, calories, distance and sleep, to getting notifications from your text and social media apps, it truly does it all. Now you can monitor your health and social life all in one, chic device. Plus ladies, you can be even more fashion-oriented with the stylish assortment of different colors and printed interchangeable bands to fit your mood of the day.

iTouch PlayZoom

nnovative Women's Smart Watch

We didn't forget about the young women out there. It's never too early to learn how to use a smartwatch and get ahead on the current fashion trends. The iTOUCH PlayZoom Smartwatch For Kids is the perfect starter wearable. This girl's smartwatch comes with features such as a camera, video, voice recorder, fun learning and active games, photo effects, sound animations, stopwatch, alarm, timer, calendar, and so much more! You can even connect it to your computer to download all of the pictures and videos taken. The best part is that it doesn't connect to a cellular device, WiFi, or Bluetooth, so your little girls will be safe!

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