Jump Rope Workouts for Insane Calorie Burn

Jump Rope Workouts for Insane Calorie Burn

Getting to the gym can be complicated and take extra time out of your day. Jump rope is a great activity that can be done at home at your own convenience. It is a great exercise for the body while also burning intense calories at a rapid pace. Fun fact: jumping rope burns 10 calories a minute. This is a great way to work out the total body. You are incorporating your legs, arms, shoulders, and butt muscles to stay in shape. Jump roping is an excellent alternative to running because it is less impactful. This means that it is also less harmful and you are less likely to hurt a knee or ankle. Jump rope can be combined into any HIIT or cross fit activity that you are already doing to increase your benefits. Jump roping allows you to change the intensity of your workout quickly, too.

Now that you know the benefits of exercising with jump rope, we have listed a few insane jump roper workouts and exercises that will burn a huge amount of calories!

Insane Jump Rope Workout #1: 700 Calorie Burn

Jump Rope Workouts for Insane Calorie Burn

Before doing any jump rope activity, you should always remember to warm-up properly and watch your form while jumping. If this is not done, you can strain your body muscles and become injured. 

  1. Freestyle Jumping (1 Minute)
  2. Pistol Squats (30 Seconds: 5 reps on each leg)
  3. Freestyle Jumping (1 Minute)
  4. Alternating Toe Touches (30 Seconds)

-Repeat set 4x with 10 second breaks in between each activity and 1 minute breaks between each set. 

Freestyle jumping is a general exercise that is also a fun activity. It allows you familiarize yourself with the basics of jumping rope. This activity lets you go at your own pace for a 1 minute interval. Pistol squats are a more complicated version of a basic squat. Instead of bending both legs at the same time, you just use one to bend while stretching forward the other. This is a good activity for practicing balance. The last activity in this calorie burning exercise is alternating toe touches. This is a bit more complicated. Start as you would for a regular toe touch. While bending down, slide one foot back and aim to touch the foot that is still in front.   

Insane Jump Rope Workout #2: Crossfit Jump Rope Workout

Jump Rope Workouts for Insane Calorie Burn

This crossfit workout starts with 50 sets of both exercises and works backwards ending with 10. Double under is a jump rope skill that must be acquired or learned with time. Do not stress if it can't be done on the first try. It requires the user to jump higher than normal. The jumper should be able to cross the rope under 2 times within one jump. 

  1. 50 Double Under
  2. 50 Sit Ups 
  3. 40 Double Under
  4. 40 Sit Ups
  5. 30 Double Under
  6. 30 Sit Ups 
  7. 20 Double Under 
  8. 20 Sit Ups
  9. 10 Double Under
  10. 10 Sit Ups

Insane Jump Rope Workout #3: Quick Movements 

Jump Rope Workouts for Insane Calorie Burn

There are some other tricks you can do if you are not into doing an entire workout routineJust doing these movements for a couple of minutes can help you burn calories and shed fat. Small movements can be just as effective as larger ones if you do them for longer periods of time. 

Double Leg Jumps - Jumping with both legs at a calm pace. Doing this activity for 5 minutes is a great way to condition the body before or after a workout.

Single Leg Jumps - This requires a bit more skill and coordination. Simply lift one leg and jump on the opposite one. Keep the lifted leg in front to protect yourself from falling. Switch between legs every 20-30 seconds. 

Insane Jump Rope Workout #4: Core Strengthening

Jump Rope Workouts for Insane Calorie Burn

Jump rope is a challenging exercise that includes loads of coordination. Once you have mastered the coordination aspect, you can include jump rope into your daily routine. Doing it for a short amount of time each day can help you stay in shape and burn tons of calories. It can also be its own workout or incorporated into another workout set that you are already participating in. By jump roping, you can even alleviate time spent at the gym! Who doesn’t like the sound of that?!  

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