6 Reasons Why Your Kid Needs a Smartwatch

6 Reasons Why Your Kid Needs a Smartwatch

Kids today have busy lives. By the time your child reaches middle school, they have more on their schedules than many adults. A smartwatch is a great way to help them stay on time and on track. It is also an excellent tool for parents wanting to help their kids stay active. Here are 6 ways a smartwatch will make you and your kid's life easier:

Sleep Tracker

According to the CDC, adolescents between the ages of 12-18 need 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Lack of sleep can have negative effects on both health and performance. Using a sleep tracker can help parents determine how much sleep their kids are getting. It can also show how often their child wakes during the night.

Activity Tracker

With obesity rates climbing, experts warn about the dangers of sitting too long. Your children will spend most of their school day sitting at a desk. A smartwatch can help keep your kids active. Sedentary alerts can be set up on the watch to remind your child to move more often. They can also keep track of how much activity he or she has had during the day. Activity trackers help parents to keep their kids healthy now and in the future.


Smartwatches come with apps that can become helpful learning tools. The iTouch Air, for example, comes with a calculator and a stopwatch. Both of these apps can help your child improve their math skills. The stopwatch can help them practice timed tests and the calculator will help them check the answers.


No one carries a day planner anymore but schedules are still fuller. If your child has a smartwatch, they can check their calendars from their wrists. They can also set-up alerts and reminders to help them stay on schedule throughout the day.


Most schools have rules about cell phones in the classroom. They can be disruptive to other students. If you need to send a message to your child, they might not get it until the class is finished. The iTouch Air Smartwatch lets your child receive and check messages without the risk of their phone being confiscated by the teacher.


Smartwatches are a great tool to help keep your child safe. If they should find themselves in a scary situation, they can use their watch to call or message for help. Police can also use the watches information to help pinpoint location if your child is lost or missing. Unfortunately, we live in an unpredictable world. We send our kids off to school hoping for the best. Having a smartwatch gives you and your kids a little more security.

As parents, we try to make the best choices we can to ensure our kids have every opportunity in life. We want them to stay active both physically and socially. We want them to have freedom and still know their boundaries. Smartwatches help parents in all these areas and more. If you have questions or you want to know other ways the iTouch Air can help give your child an edge in life, contact us today.