Running On Treadmill vs Outside: Which Is Right For You?

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Many people have personal preferences about where they like to run. What are the benefits of running on the treadmill versus outside? Is one way better than the other? Both sides have some pros and cons and are not totally perfect. Scroll down the page to read about running on a treadmill versus running outside. 

 Benefits Of Running Outside

Running On A Treadmill Vs Outside

Some runners love the outdoors for its scenery and air quality. Running outside is said to help people stay active for longer periods of time because they're focused on the views. The trees, wildlife, and sky views are something that appeals more to those who have a nature calling. While running outside, you exert more muscle energy. Your feet grip the ground and propel you forward for each step. When you are on the treadmill, the belt is doing some of the work for you. Some runners actually shorten their strides on the treadmill because of how short it is. Running outdoors allows each runner to be free to stretch each stride to their full potential. You can also activate more muscles while running outdoors as opposed to indoors. Outside, you tend to jump over sidewalks or tree branches. Inside, some muscles can become less conditioned because you are running in a straight line. The concrete provides more of a resistance run than a treadmill does. This reinforces the legs a tad more than a treadmill does. 

Benefits Of Running On A Treadmill 

Running On A Treadmill Vs Outside

The treadmill has various benefits that running outside does not have. It also suits different needs of runners. Treadmills are less impactful than running outside because the belt is being fed to your feet. The belt on the treadmill is a relatively soft surface, as treadmill workouts can be customized to your personal ability. You can run on an incline and even control warm ups or cool down methods. Newer treadmills allow you to customize your workout down to the exact minute and speed. If you plan on training for a race, it is better to practice on a treadmill. You can even program the machine by knowing the statistics of the race grounds. By controlling the incline, you can make it more realistic to the raceway. The treadmill also boosts motivation. Seeing the steps you have taken and the distance make you feel like you have accomplished a great amount of work. 

What Is The Better Choice?

Running On A Treadmill Vs Outside

Running outside is more likely to be done in the summer time as opposed to running on the treadmill, which can be done all year long. If you are looking for a quick jog, then the treadmill is a better choice. However, you should not let the conditions of the weather or distance of your workout determine where and how you run. As for which is the better choice, that is up to the runner. The most important aspect is that you get the correct amount of exercise for the day. Each person has different needs and restrictions while running to feel comfortable. Remember, what is good for one person may not be great for another. 

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