Running Trends 2019: What's Hot and What's Not

Running Trends 2019: What's Hot and What's Not

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Running is a great way to get in shape. There are various runs that you can train and participate in. However, there are also many running trends that you should be aware of. Continue reading for the running trends of 2019; what's hot and what's not. We will give you everything you need to know and more.

Wearable Technology

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When it comes to being on trend, you need to have technology. In today's world, tech is in every aspect of life, and this includes running and exercising. Technology is beneficial to keep track of your goals, heart rate, blood oxygen rate, and other health factors associated with exercising. There are numerous brands that offer excellent fitness watches. iTouch Wearable's offers an arrange of fitness trackers and smartwatches for every age group. Adults and kids can keep track of their fitness goals while staying connected to their social lives. It is also very versatile and can be worn during other activities such as swimming. Most of the time it is complicated to have your phone in hand while you are running. Smartwatches eliminate the need for your phone. They allow you to receive notifications and text messages while you are making your laps around the park. Technology allows you to keep an accurate record of how you are doing in relation to your goals. It can also help you to train for upcoming marathons and other sport events. This running trend is definitely one that will continue into further years and keep evolving. 

Athletic Wear 

Running Trends 2019: What's Hot and What's Not

Many of you probably already own multiple forms of athletic wear. This is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the fashion industry. Runners are finding new ways to make fashion statements even while on the track. Common trends that we see are neutral tones and bold patterns. If you want to be more trendy, you must have a gym outfit that shows your personal style. Clothing also has new technology such as sweat resistance and breathe ability. You can find many items that will suit your specific needs. It is also important that you are dressed properly, especially if you are an outdoor runner. The weather can affect your body badly if you are dressed incorrectly. Many items help to keep warm in cold environments and cool in warmer ones. Clothing can even be a motivator for some of us who want to start running but don't want to put in the effort. It gives an extra boost of confidence for you to get out and run! 

Customized Shoes

Running Trends 2019: What's Hot and What's Not

Many major shoe brands are offering runners the ability to customize their sneakers to their own ability. The features involved are unique designs, customizable fits, and technological features. Each runner has different needs that need to addressed in order to perform at their best. This 2019 trend allows runners the ability to have sneakers that will show their individual style as well as help them to run better. With the female target market becoming a growing force, many companies are trying to market better and more effectively to them. This trend isn't specific to runners either. If you are someone who enjoys customized products or needs a special fitting shoe, then this trend is valuable for you. 

Trends You May Want To Skip 

Running Trends 2019: What's Hot and What's Not

Not every trend is a good one. Some trends we see for a while and then they fade out. Working out alone and fitness apps have become a thing of the past. More and more people are dragging their friends out of the house and becoming healthier together. Working out alone is not fun anyway. Running groups are making waves this year. People who share the same goals and motivate each other to break records is bigger and better than before. Joining a running group allows you to make a new set of friends or even bond with old ones. It is a way for friends to bond and makes time go by faster. You may even run some extra miles because you are having fun. Exercise apps have fallen off the trend list completely. Runners are focusing more on their abilities and not listening to what the apps are saying. This may be because of the rise of group runners. Studies show that listening to peers seems to be much more beneficial than viewing other fitness applications. 

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