Simple Ways To Be More Productive

Simple Ways To Be More Productive

In taking on your day, it is not about how much to you actually get done - what matters how the effort you put into your work. Do not stress about the multitude of tasks you have to get done. Instead, take the time to be productive by focusing on one or two tasks at a time.

In taking on your day, it is not about how much to you actually get done - what matters is how the effort you put into your work. Do not stress about the multitude of tasks you have to get done. Instead, take the time to be productive by focusing on one or two tasks at a time. You will find that there are multiple benefits in doing so such as reducing stress, reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed, and being more engaged in your work. These are simple ways to be more productive.

Set Daily Goals 

It is much easier to stay on task when you have each goal laid out in front of you. By choosing 3 to 5 goals to focus on during the day, it alleviates the stress that can come from trying to get everything accomplished in one day. In choosing your goals, think about how much time is needed to get those goals accomplished. Think about what supplies or materials are going to be used as well and plan ahead to have everything allocated on location. If you needed any help organizing your goals, there are multiple apps that can be synced to your phone, smartwatch, and other devices to help you stay notified, alerted, and on top of your tasks. 

Remove Distractions 

It is easy to find yourself procrastinating on work when there are several distractions getting in your way. Whether we are spending time swiping potential matches on Tinder, scrolling through our Instagram feed to like our friend's post, or commenting on someone's Facebook, these are all distractions that can perfectly wait for later! They are only getting in the way of you focusing on your work - so take time to remove yourself from devices or apps that can cause an issue. If you need to use any to get your work done, here are some ways to keep your attention elsewhere:

  • FREEDOM - Freedom is an app designed to block distracting websites and apps while also doing so much more. Freedom syncs to all your devices and can block access across all platforms. It can also allow you to pick and choose what gets block, and which sites you are allowed to access to get your work done - "finishing-a-task-guaranteed" 
  • STAYFOCUSD - StayFocusd is an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to enter specific websites to block. It even allows the user to enter a certain amount of time they can spend on the website before it gets block. So if you have a craving to check your Pinterest before you do your work, this one might be for you!

Close Your Day Strong

In finishing the day strong, you will find a new form of confidence in the work you achieve and the tasks you have accomplished! If you find that you have extra time before your day is over, review the work you have done. If you feel that something was rushed, go back and take the time to reflect on your work. See if there is anything that needs to be fixed. It will help you feel complete in finishing your day while making sure your work is as perfect as it can be! 

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