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Smartwatch Buying Guide: How To Pick A Smartwatch That Fits Your Needs

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So you're thinking of buying a smartwatch? Lucky for you, there are many choices when it comes to wearable technology. We already went over the top smartwatches on the market, but how do you pick a smartwatch that fits your needs? We broke it down and made it easier for you with this smartwatch buying guide.

Smartwatch Buying Guide: How To Pick A Smartwatch That Fits Your Needs

Why A Smartwatch?

Today's world is all about technology and creating the next big thing that will make our live's easier. Dozens of companies are creating smartwatches that deliver notifications, apps, and more to your wrist, so you no longer have to constantly check your phone. Of course features and designs vary, but what is certain is that they will help you save time and keep better tabs on your health every single day. Smartwatches are also super versatile and durable, so they're certainly worth the investment to wear time and time again. 

Smartwatch Or Fitness Tracker?

Smartwatch Buying Guide: How To Pick A Smartwatch That Fits Your Needs

The first decision is deciding if your lifestyle better suites a traditional smartwatch or fitness tracker. The difference between the two really boils down to whether you want a wearable device that’s designed to help you communicate and deliver notifications, or one that keeps track of exercise and health. A smartwatch puts phone functions on your wrist with more apps to choose from and limited fitness abilities. Meanwhile, fitness trackers encourage you to be healthier and help monitor your fitness progress and goals more. Which is best for you

Features Included?

Though there's an array of apps to download, there are many smartwatch capabilities on its own that many are unaware of. If you're wondering how to pick a smartwatch, you might also want to start with the features that are included. Here's a list of general features to look for:

  • Camera Remote and Music Remote
  • Messaging and Notifer
  • Sleep Monitor and Alarms
  • Bluetooth and Voice Assist
  • Calculator, Weather, and Calendar
  • Call Logs, Dialer, and Phone Book/Contacts
  • Clock and Stopwatch
  • Find Phone and Lost Alert
  • Calorie Counter and Heart Rate Monitor
  • Distance Tracker and Pedometer
  • Sedentary Reminder

iOS Or Android Compatible?

Smartwatch Buying Guide: How To Pick A Smartwatch That Fits Your Needs

The next aspect to check when buying a smartwatch is checking if it's compatible with your cell phone. Though there are some features you can see without connecting a phone, it's recommended to connect to fully utilize your device. Luckily, iTouch Wearable Smartwatches are compatible with both Android and iOS. All you have to do is download the smartwatch app, sync your watch to your phone via Bluetooth, and you’re ready to start tracking!

Design Or Personalization?

Everyone deserves to have fun with their smartwatch and buy one that truly fits their personality. Find a wearable like the iFitness Pulse that comes in an assortment of different colors and printed interchangeable bands to fit your personal style and needs. This truly makes your new smartwatch yours, and makes buying a smartwatch that more worth it. Along with this, you want to consider the actual design of the watch. Look carefully at the screen display, touch screen or buttons, color, strap, material, and case. If this is your first time buying a smartwatch, we recommend heading to your local store to try it on and see it in person first! 

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