Summer Shred with iTouch Wearables

Summer Shred with iTouch Wearables

With temperatures rising, social distancing measures disbanded and long-awaited vacations on the horizon, the annual scramble to shed winter weight has begun. It’s important to remember that gaining a few lbs during the colder months is extremely common, no need to stress. Especially since many of us have gained the “Covid-15,” it’s more important than ever to get back into a cycle of routinely exercising. Now that it comes time to sweat it out, this article’s got all the information you need. This post will guide you through a compiled list of some of the best, simplest exercises that burn the stubborn calories you've stored this winter.  


girl runing

It’s only right to begin this list with the seemingly most daunting exercise: running. However, it’s time we rebrand this form of cardio as one that isn't exclusive to those who run many miles a day. Switch up your cardio routine by trying hill sprints, stair climbing or forms of walking like speed walking or hiking. While engaging in stair climbing or walking, holding light dumbbells is a way in which you can increase difficulty and further strengthen your upper body and core. 


biker on a hill

Biking is also a great exercise that burns through many calories. While some may own spinning memberships, biking outdoors serves the same function and provides you with just as great of a workout. Like running or walking, biking allows you to explore new areas, perfect for those on vacation or those who are experiencing covid-induced cabin fever. It also suffices as a gentler alternative to running, especially beneficial for those with knee or joint complications. 

Jump Rope

girl jump roping

While commonly associated with the likes of middle school gym class or the pastimes of younger kids, jumping rope can be a grueling workout. Limit yourself to just a few minutes when beginning to jump rope. You'll find that it is easy to tire quickly, as this movement can burn up to 990 calories per hour. You can even increase the difficulty of this exercise by using a weighted jump rope. It’s definitely harder than it looks!


girl swimmerSwimming is a fantastic full-body workout that allows you to burn up to 680 calories per hour. Like biking, it also serves as an alternative to running and is great for those with previous injuries or recurring muscle problems. While extremely gentle on your muscles, your body will definitely feel the workout the next day! 

iTouch Wearables watches are the perfect products to keep up with your new workout routine. Equipped with a sleek, modern design, these affordable watches connect to your phone via bluetooth and track your workouts, your steps, and can even measure your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. These waterproof devices can even accompany you during your swimming sessions! As you engage yourself in these calorie-shredding workouts, your watch will look out for you, reminding you to hydrate and conducting breathing exercises to calm your system. Products like the iTouch Slim Fitness Tracker have built-in GPS systems, perfect for those going on walks, runs, or rides.  In many watch face designs and wristband strap colors, these watches perfectly encapsulate the essence of a summer workout. 

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