Top 5 Fall Fashion Trends

As seasons change, so do our fashion choices. In addition to swapping out tank tops for sweaters and shorts for jeans, new fashion trends also present themselves when a new season begins. So, keep reading to find out what you should be wearing this Fall!

As seasons change, so do our fashion choices. In addition to swapping out tank tops for sweaters and shorts for jeans, new fashion trends also present themselves when a new season begins. These emerging trends originate on the runway and then are translated into more wearable versions for the average consumer. Thus, it is rare to see the same exact outfit that was worn on the runway in "real life".

Given that fashion trends are sourced from the runway, I have scoured several runway shows to identify reoccurring colors, silhouettes, trims, accessories, etc. to determine what will be popular this Fall and, I have outlined my findings below.  

1. Patchwork Denim

First up on my list of Fall fashion trends is patchwork denim. This unique style of denim will most likely be seen in several different applications, from jeans to denim skirts to denim jackets.

Given that jeans are a staple for the Fall and Winter seasons, it is no surprise that a new denim trend will emerge this Fall. It seems that each year a new denim-craze penetrates the cold-weather seasons. Years ago it was the groundbreaking transition from boot-cut/straight-leg jeans to skinny jeans and, more recently (early 2000s), the colored-denim craze dominated the Fall.

For this Fall, the forecasted denim-craze is patchwork denim, meaning different denim washes are sewn together to create a pair of jeans or a jacket with visual interest. This new denim craze lends itself to a more street-wear-type style, but can be adjusted to fit your personal style.

This trend is extremely wearable. Simply swap in a pair of patchwork jeans to replace your go-to medium-wash/light-wash jeans, and you are rocking the patchwork denim trend. By swapping in this new pair of patchwork jeans, your pants will become the focal point of the outfit and routine 'jeans and a t-shirt look' will be completely elevated. 

2. Fanny Packs

Number two on my list of Fall fashion trends are fanny packs. It is time to switch out your large tote bag for a compact fanny pack. 

This trend gained some traction last year, but it will most likely be more widely accepted this Fall. However, it is important to note that fanny packs are no longer worn around the waist as they once were in the 1980s. Instead of strapping a fanny pack around your waist, try wearing it across your chest or over your arm, like a shoulder bag. 

Fanny packs are not only a fashion-forward accessory, but they also allow you to be hands-free when you are running errands or completing your daily tasks. Aside from being hands-free, fanny packs also force your to identify your essentials and reduce the excessive number of items most of us carry, but never actually use.

Plus, fanny packs come in a number of different fabrics and styles, so they can easily be adapted to your personal style. My favorite type of fanny pack is a leather fanny pack (like the one pictured above) as it is extremely versatile and can be dressed up, or dressed down.

3. Safari-Inspired Clothing

The safari-craze is back and better than ever. The runway for Fall 2020 was filled with a variety of animal prints, khaki hues, and army green coordinates. And, interestingly enough, vintage safari hats have also made their way back into fashion.

Although I do not anticipate seeing many safari hats on the street, there are certain aspects of this trend that are extremely wearable and you may even be have some pieces you already own that fit this trend.

To channel this trend, search your closet for khaki hues and opt for a monochromatic outfit. You can also incorporate some neutral animal prints into your closet or add some safari green to your outfit to pay homage to this trend.

This trend provides an effortlessly chic look and your commitment to the safari-theme can vary depending on your personal preference. Incorporating safari-inspired clothing is easy, and you may be doing so without even realizing it. Think trench coats, army-green utility jumpsuits, large belts, etc. and you are a safari-fashion mogul!

4. Fringe

The fourth fashion trend I foresee as being extremely prevalent this Fall is fringe. Fringe was extremely popular in the 1970s, but it has made its way back into fashion--as all good fashion trends do. Remember the fashion cycle is circular and "new" trends tend to be older trends that are simply reinvented to fit the tastes and preferences of modern society.

Incorporating fringe into your wardrobe can be done in a number of ways as it tends to be utilized as a trim for a variety of clothing pieces and accesories. There are fringe bags, boots with fringe detailing, and fringe jackets available at many different price points.

The easiest way to introduce fringe into your outfit is through your shoes or your purse. Fringe is regularly used by handbag and footwear designers whereas it is less commonly used in apparel applications. Thus, it is going to be much easier to get your hands on a pair of fringe boots, then a fringe jacket (like the one pictured above). Plus, accessories with fringe detailing are much easier to style as they demand less attention and can be paired with several different pieces. 

5. Metallic Hues

The final trend I anticipate being prevalent throughout the Fall 2020 season are metallic hues. Metallic hues dominated the runway for Fall/Winter 2020. From metallic blazers to metallic crop tops, there is no denying that metallic fabrics were present during fashion week. And, since this trend can be easily translated into mainstream fashion, I anticipate seeing metallic clothing on the streets all Fall. 

I recognize that most people reserve metallic colors for evening events and special occasions, like New Years Eve. But, this is a completely antiquated way of thinking about color as metallic colors can certainly be worn as a part of a casual everyday outfit. Plus, adding a metallic piece of clothing to your outfit can completely elevate your look by adding the perfect amount of edge and sparkle, and who doesn't want that!

I hope this list helped you discover some fashion trends you may choose to experiment with this season. Share your favorite Fall fashion trends with us on Instagram & Facebook @itouchwearables. Also, be sure to check out our new articles published daily and the latest styles on!