Ways To Stay On Schedule

Ways To Stay On Schedule

Do you find it difficult to stay on schedule? Between sleep, school, work, and your social life, it can be challenging to keep track of it all. To stay ahead this year, we’re going to help you build your schedule correctly and plan your time wiser. Here are some simple and easy ways to stay on schedule for a more balanced life.

Pay Attention

ways to stay on schedule

Sounds easy, but distractions can easily get us off schedule in a second. You’ll automatically keep your schedule in balance by giving your full, undivided attention to every task throughout the day. It’s always a good idea to keep your phone and social media out of your reach so you can be truly focused on what you’re doing. You can sync your phone to a smartwatch so you know what notifications to check when you're done. If you need a break, then schedule the time into your plan to avoid missing anything.

Write Everything Down

Planners, agendas, calendars, and notebooks exist for a reason. The best way to stay on schedule is to write it down in one place. Don’t rely on your memory, your phone, or multiple calendars. Physically writing your schedule down will help your remember it better, and makes it easier for you to add events and check tasks off as soon as they’re done.

Give Yourself Time

ways to stay on schedule

Even on your busiest days, you shouldn’t book activities right after one another. Sometimes things take longer to finish than expected or don’t go as planned. To avoid running late and adding stress, simply add cushions of at least 15 minutes between each task. This will give yourself some wiggle room and give yourself plenty of time to breathe and move on throughout your day. You can also set alarms and reminders on iTouch Wearables smartwatches, so they'll keep you on time no matter what. 

Review Your Schedule

It’s hard to stay on schedule if you don’t know it. That’s why we suggest regular check-ins and glances at it. Look at what you have going on later, tomorrow, the following day, and the rest of the week. This is a great way to introduce your schedule into your subconscious, giving yourself the perfect “heads-up,” so there are no surprises. Then, when you review your schedule again, it will be more familiar and manageable.

Embrace Saying "No"

ways to stay on schedule

The word we all hate saying: no. We don’t want to be rude and it is definitely easier to say yes to lunch with your friends or a quick trip to the mall. However, if your day is already packed, then another outing will throw your schedule off balance. It’s your schedule, so don’t be afraid to decline an invitation! Your peers will understand, and you can fit them into your schedule when you are more available.

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