What Are The Benefits of Using A Versaclimber?

What Are The Benefits of Using A Versaclimber?

We are going retro when it comes to our workout today! 

That's right - we are going back to the 80's and talking about one of the most innovative workout machines known as the versaclimber - so let's get physical shall we?

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We are going retro when it comes to our workout today! 

That's right - we are going back to the 80's and talking about one of the most innovative workout machines known as the versaclimber - so let's get physical shall we?

What is the versaclimber? These machines are something of a torture device (at least they look that way) but are actually amazing workout machines that can give you an incredible full-body workout that targets muscles that one may normally not use - more on that later. The versaclimber has been making recent appearances all over the nation, thanks to the likes of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston (if Rachel Green can do this workout - you certainly can), Alison Brie (guarantee to help get you that woman wrestler's body and GLOW up), and Lady Gaga (she wasn't always born this way, even she needs to workout some time). If they can use this machine, certainly you can - and you will find that you will get fit as heck with incredible versaclimber results.

If you are new to the versaclimber workout or machine, we are here to help. This is our little guide on "what are the benefits of using a versaclimber:"

What Is A Versaclimber?

(Not going to lie my friends - I couldn't find any free images to use that were of versaclimbers | So please do not mind the retro 80's workout pics, they weren't my first choice) 

A versaclimber machine is similar to that of a stepping machine, that aims to provide the user with a full-body workout and targets muscles that aren't often used or worked in a normal workout. They were usually sold as big, bulky machines back in the late 80's over late-night infomercials, known for being a great cardio device for moms, dads, and fitness lovers alike.

The machine consists of two handles and two pedals, utilized by all four limbs. When you approach the machine, it is very often that the pedals of the versaclimber workout machine will be staggered. If you step onto the bottom pedal first, then the top pedal, it will be much safer to set yourself up on the machine. Once you are stabilized on the pedals, grab onto the handles to balance yourself. Those are adjustable and should be placed at shoulder height. Some machines come with straps to hold your feet in place, so adjust the straps if needed as well. 

Many versaclimber machines come with a display all the stats you need and consistently check -  such as the time elapsed, the total steps, your steps per minute, and more. You can also change the speed and resistance of the machine as well. How fast you want to go depends on you, and the range of motion in which you want to do is also in your control. You can set the resistance to do wither long or short strokes, or you can also mix it up a bit. The lower your resistance, the more of a cardio workout it becomes, as you are constantly moving your arms and legs. The higher the resistance, the more of a strength workout it becomes. It is recommended as a beginner you start in the middle, changing the resistance once comfortable with the machine. 

How Should You Use A Versaclimber Machine

When it comes to a versaclimber workout, there are actually many different routines in which you can do! These are the few that we had found: 

  • Hop on the Versaclimber for a 10- to 20-second sprint for a cardio finish at the end of your workout
  • Climb away for 20 minutes or more for a steady-state cardio workout (rather than spending time on a treadmill or elliptical)
  • Use the VersaClimber for interval training, alternating between a high-resistance sprint and some low-resistance recovery

With a versaclimber, there are also many preprogrammed routines that come with the machine itself. So, you can spend some time scrolling through them or finding which one you would like instead of just needing to think of a routine on your own. As with any workout, it is important to first take it slow - there is no need to think as if you are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Everest! Learn to become aware of your body and how it is responding to the machine. It might also be nice to unplug out of your workout if you can and be mindful of yourself and the machine.  

The Benefits of A Versaclimber

Besides being a fun and interesting machine that totally is making a comeback from the 80's, there are many benefits that come from a versaclimber workout. Here are a few that we had found:

  • It Is A Totally Body Workout - The versaclimber machine essentially takes us back to one of the most primitive and early movements we learn - crawling. Unlike a stationary bike, elliptical, or other cardio machine, a climber or versaclimber works the entire body, targeting muscles such as the glutes, transverse abdominis, obliques, lats, delts, triceps, biceps, quads, calves. Essentially, the machine is working everything - you heard that right. 
  • Is Is Great For Weight Loss - When it comes to a versaclimber workout, the machine makes an essential tool for anyone who is looking to lose weights. According to Victor Lonchuk, a certified strength and conditioning coach and performance analyst at the New York Sports Science Lab, "the usage of the muscles in the upper body and lower body simultaneously, in addition to having a vertical position supported by the body, will require a higher oxygen demand in all those muscles involved in the movement."
  • It May Improve Your Posture - The versaclimber forces you to engage your core and back muscles to help stabilize your body while maintaining balance. 

If you are looking for an interesting and exciting workout machine to add to your routine, consider implementing a workout on a versaclimber! Then, share with us how you used the machine by following us on Instagram @itouchwearables and Facebook @itouchwearables and by dropping a comment and like. Also, be sure to check out our new articles published daily!