Where To Buy A Smartwatch

Where To Buy A Smartwatch

You've made the decision to purchase a smartwatch, but do you know where to buy a smartwatch? You'll be surprised that many of your favorite stores sell them, which is great if you prefer to see it in person, rather than buying one online. If you're stuck (or clueless), try one of the below options to get you started!

Direct Product's Website

Where To Buy A Smartwatch

The first option is an obvious one. If there's a particular brand smartwatch you want to purchase, then you can't go wrong by buying it directly on their website. Not only will you be able to view all the products available, but there are better descriptions about each item so you can get a better idea of what to purchase. Take iTOUCH Wearables for example - it's easy to navigate, everything's listed out, AND it's cheaper to buy from.

Smartwatch Retailers

If you choose not to go through the company itself, there are still plenty of options from your favorite retail stores. Check out some of them below!

Where To Buy A Smartwatch


You should know Kohl's has basically everything you need - from apparel to accessories and home goods. Well, they also have a variety of smartwatches for purchase! Whether you're in-store or online, you can't go wrong with their selection and amazing deals they have every day.

Nordstrom Rack

This new store is probably your go-to in the city for the latest clothes. However, did you know Nordstrom Rack also has a ton of tech accessories? Next time you're browsing their store or website, be sure to check out this category to buy your next smartwatch.


Where to buy a smartwatch

If you're wondering where to buy a smartwatch from a designer-store, then check out Macy's. They always have the latest trends and a variety of the most popular brands for affordable prices. Find a smartwatch or a fitness tracker that fits both your needs (and style!)

Target or Walmart

Then of course, you can always try one of your favorite savings stores. Both Target and Walmart supply an abundance of smartwatches and activity trackers for the best prices. Next time you're out for a Target run, consider picking up a new gadget for yourself.

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