5 Exercises To Do At Your Desk

5 Exercises To Do At Your Desk

Sitting at your desk all day is bad for your health. Most of us do not get to the gym as frequently as we should either. Now, you can grab your co-worker and say "no gym, no problem," because iTouch has compiled a list of exercises that can be done at your desk. They are super simple and easy, too!

Chair Stand 

5 Exercises To Do At Your Desk

The chair stand is perfect for getting that extra boost of exercise throughout the day. All you need is a sturdy chair. If your chair has wheels, be sure that they are locked in place. This movement strengthens your abs and thighs

  1. Start by sitting towards the front of the chair with your feet flat on the floor. Make sure your knees are straight above your ankles. They should also be shoulder-width apart. You should be sitting straight up in the chair with a good posture.
  2. Cross your arms over one another while breathing in deeply and leaning back. Do not go all the way to the back of the chair. 
  3. While breathing out, bring your body back to the upright position. 
  4. Next, extend your arms out and slowly stand up. Then breathe in calmly again as you sit back down.
  5. Repeat 10-15 times.  
Tricep Dips 
5 Exercises To Do At Your Desk

Tricep dips are a great way to increase your upper body strength. The triceps are not used in many daily activities, so this is perfect for giving them a small and effective workout. For this exercise, you also need a good sturdy chair. 

  1. Start by placing your palms and fingers downward on the edge of the chair. Sit upright, facing forward, and with your shoulders down. 
  2. Squeeze your elbows tightly and lift your glutes off of the chair.
  3. Slowly bend your arms no more than 90 degrees.
  4. Now press your arms straight up again.
  5. Repeat 15-20 times.

For a more advanced dip, try flexing your legs in front of you or lifting one leg in the air while you dip. 

High Knees

5 Exercises To Do At Your Desk

High knees are one of the best movements to get your heart racing during the day. This exercise engages not only all of the leg muscles, but the core as well. High knees can be done anywhere and requires no equipment. 

  1. Start in a standing position with your feet hip width apart and make sure you have ample room to move. 
  2. Now quickly push your right knee up to your chest and place it back down. Next, begin to alternate this movement with your other knee.  
  3. Continue to do this as quickly as possible for 30 seconds, and then take a break and continue. 

Incline Push Ups 

5 Exercises To Do At Your Desk

With incline push ups, you can target the core, chest, shoulders, and triceps. It is a modification of the original push up. The angle puts more attention on the lower chest and triceps.  

  1. Use the chair from your desk and make sure it is not going to move. 
  2. Stand facing the chair and place your hands on the edge of the chair and hold tightly. Your arms should be tight but your elbows should not be locked. 
  3. Bend your elbows and slowly lower your chest to the chair. Keep your body straight throughout these movements. 
  4. Push your body away from the the chair and straighten your elbows. 
  5. Repeat this 10-15 times. 

Plank Pose

5 Exercises To Do At Your Desk

Planks can be done anywhere and do not require any machinery. It is great for your arms and core. It is also a good stretch for the body. 

  1. Hold onto your desk with your hands shoulder-width apart. Flex your legs behind you. You should be in a type of diagonal position. 
  2. Contract your abdominal muscles inward towards your spine. You should stay in this position without bending your back or sinking your hips. The straighter your body, the better this exercise will work. 

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