3 Ways a Bluetooth Smartwatch can Improve Your Health

3 Ways a Bluetooth Smartwatch can Improve Your Health

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It seems that smart technology is everywhere you turn these days. From telling Alexa what you want, to watch to asking Siri for directions, we are all plugged in. Watches have even made a massive step into the smart technology world with many different brands of Bluetooth smartwatches to choose from. We know that Bluetooth smartwatches are fun, but are they really helping us live better lives? The answer may you surprise you!

Bluetooth Smartwatches are Saving Lives

Remote workers are often at risk due to the heavy isolation of their jobs. This leaves workers vulnerable since they are usually working alone. Jobs like:

  • Social worker
  • Package delivery person
  • Field technicians for the utility companies
  • Traveling salespeople

If a field technician needs help or is threatened in any way, the Bluetooth smartwatch on his/her wrist could be the only way he/she could call for help.

Not to mention, if a remote worker was in a car accident or had a sudden illness, their smartwatch could mean the difference between life and death. Bluetooth smartwatches have been an asset for those that don't work their 9-5 in an office and are often alone where no one else can call for help.

Keeping Fit

Bluetooth smartwatches are an excellent way to keep fit and monitor the quality of your workouts. With the step tracker and apps like:

  • RunKeeper
  • Google Fit
  • Endomondo
  • Life sum

You're able to track your workouts and ensure that you're hitting your fat-burning zones which maximize the impact of your workouts.

These apps may also even encourage people who aren't usually a fitness buff to get up and work out more. This can be a positive impact for those with a sedimentary lifestyle.

Health Monitoring

According to an article in The New York Times, smartwatches are set to take a big role in health care. The price and convenience of Bluetooth smartwatches make them perfect for at-home health monitoring. With apps that can track arrhythmias, to seizure detection, smartwatches put the power of our health in our hands, or rather, on our wrists. There could even be ways to monitor glucose and improve our posture.

The Future of Smartwatches and Your Health

An article in Wearable, states that medical research into how smartwatches can boost our health is fast becoming a reality. There have already been vast improvements in the accuracy of Bluetooth smartphone heart monitoring. With further research, you might be able to have an EKG on your wrist.

Since smartwatches have been on the market, they have gone from being a convenient way to get a text or keep track of your calendar to becoming viable ways to track fitness and watch your health.

When it comes it comes to new technology, we just can't get enough of our smartphones, but it appears that this is a mutually beneficial relationship. Bluetooth smartphones are already making a substantial positive impact on our lives, and it looks like it's only going to get better in the future. 

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