Chances Of Getting Pregnant During Ovulation

Chances Of Getting Pregnant During Ovulation

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Sometimes getting pregnant is tough and doesn’t come as easy as it does to most. What is the best time to get pregnant? Most people say ovulation is a good time. However, is this just a myth or a fact? Ovulation is tricky to track and hard to know the exact right day in which women are most fertile. Most of the time when women are seeking to become pregnant, they focus on their ovulation schedule. Keep reading to find out the truth about the chances of getting pregnant during ovulation and how you can increase your odds!

What Happens During Ovulation?

Chances of getting Pregnant during Ovulation

The average menstrual cycle is about is about 28-35 days. During this time, the LH hormone rises, which allows the egg to drop into the fallopian tubes and made to be fertilized. This happens once a month. Once the egg is fully matured by the ovaries, it is then dropped into the fallopian tube. Here, it waits to be fertilized by the sperm. At this point, the uterine wall thickens. If conception does not occur, then the uterine wall sheds and blood is released.

Is Ovulation The Best Time To Get Pregnant?

Chances of getting Pregnant during Ovulation

Ovulation happens 14 days after the first day of your menstrual cycle. The egg lives for about 24 hours after it has been released. It must be fertilized within this small period of time. Sperm can live inside a female for up to seven days after sex. The best time to get pregnant is 5 days leading up to plus the first day of ovulation. Your chances of getting pregnant after the ovulation period drops to zero and then builds up again.  

How To Track Ovulation

Chances of getting Pregnant during Ovulation

Keeping track of ovulation is complicated. But we have technology that can help inform us of when our bodies are at the optimal time to get pregnant. There are multiple apps that have been created for this purpose. Some include Fertility Friend, Clue, and the Period Tracker. The apps ask you to track your monthly cycles and record any fertility symptoms that you notice throughout the days. This can include pain and slight cramping in the pelvic area. The apps then help to calculate the most fertile time in your stages. 

Tips To Increase Chances Of Pregnancy

Chances of getting Pregnant during Ovulation

  1. Record your menstrual cycle frequently
  2. Use one of the above stated ovulation apps
  3. Participate in intercourse every day during ovulation
  4. Eat well and exercise regularly

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