How Goal Setting Can Lead To Happiness

How Goal Setting Can Lead To Happiness

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The end goal is usually to be happy, however many people lack the happiness when first setting their goal. Goal-setting honestly happens every day, whether you're checking a small thing off your list or accomplishing something big. So how can you stay happier and more satisfied pursuing your goals? Find out below.

Set Attainable Goals

How Goal Setting Can Lead To Happiness

Some people set goals they'll never achieve, which leaves them unsatisfied and hopeless in trying to conquer them. Therefore it's important to set goals that are reachable in order to feel a higher level of well-being. Seeing your hard work pay off leaves you more satisfied and more in control over reaching your goals. Hitting each benchmark or target will keep you motivated, and certainly keep you happy. To help with this, you should consider involving other people for moral support and to hold yourself accountable. It's really crucial to find accountability when the progress is slow so you continue working towards the end goal.

Create Goals As Changes

How Goal Setting Can Lead To Happiness

You want to create a process for living where you aren't so focused on achieving your goals for happiness. You want your goals to really happen as side effects of great changes in your life. If you like a new routine or change in your life, then you're more likely to stick with it. The key is to focus on the enjoyment of the process and developing habits where the outcome you want to achieve happens. You can't solely focus on the outcome, because that is where the only opportunity of joy and satisfaction comes when you each the goal. If you enjoy every task leading up to it, you'll create happiness effortlessly along the way.

Focus On The Positives

How Goal Setting Can Lead To Happiness

This is a given with anything in life, but being positive is especially important with goal setting. The best goals are positive goals where you focus on actions you're going to take, instead of the actions you're not taking. Find what is enjoyable about your new routine and goal-setting, not all the temptations and negatives you can get yourself into. It's also important to not replace new goals for your old ones. The work doesn’t stop when the final goal is met, for now it's time to maintain that goal. If you are focused on the outcome, then after you achieve the goal, other goals often come in and replace the one you were pursuing. All good things take work, so change your mentality of "setting goals." You’re making long-term changes for a more satisfying life.

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