Healthiest Pasta Alternatives To Have

Healthiest Pasta Alternatives To Have

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Pasta is a favorite food among many (guilty as charged). However many of us are gluten-free, on a diet, or trying to cut calories. Lucky for you, there are many substitute options that are both healthy and delicious to satisfy your carb cravings and practice mindful eating. Check out the healthiest pasta alternatives to have here!

Quinoa Pasta

Healthiest Pasta Alternatives To Have - quinoa pasta

Even if you’re not gluten-free, quinoa is one of the healthiest pasta alternatives. It's nutritionally superior to wheat, while being a much better option than whole-wheat pasta. You can find many brands that have really good quinoa pasta in various fun shapes, so you can have a different option each time. 

Zucchini Noodles (Zoodles)

Healthiest Pasta Alternatives To Have - zucchini noodles

Have you ever tried zoodling? Zoodles are zucchini noodles made using zucchini of course. You can use a spiralizer or Veggetti tool to make the vegetable in the same shape with a similar texture. You can even add sauces such as a marinara or pesto to really make it look like you're eating a pasta dish.

Black Bean Pasta

Healthiest Pasta Alternatives To Have

Don't let the looks of this fool you or scare you off. Black beans are super high in protein and fiber, which makes this an excellent pasta alternative choice. All you need is black beans and water, so it's the perfect easy dinner. Plus due to the high fiber content, it's really impossible to overeat, so you can really enjoy it. Add some of your favorite toppings to add more flavor as well!

Spaghetti Squash

Healthiest Pasta Alternatives To Have - spaghetti squash

Another popular pasta alternative is spaghetti squash, which is a common answer to the pasta problem. All you have to do is buy and cut a spaghetti squash in half (yes these exist). Place the flesh side down on a baking sheet, and roast for 30 to 40 minutes. Let it cook, and then use a fork to remove the “spaghetti.” You'll see as you're scraping the inside, it will shred and look just like pasta. Add your sauce of choice and additional ingredients, or choose to eat it alone!

Almond Pasta

Healthiest Pasta Alternatives To Have - almond pasta

The last healthiest pasta alternative we have for you is almond pasta. This type of pasta is made from almond flour instead of white flour, so it is completely grain-free. You can enjoy a wide variety of regular pasta types, such as fettuccine or gnocchi, while enjoying the same amount of deliciousness. 

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