How To Prepare For A 5K

How To Prepare For A 5K

So you decided to run a 5K, or perhaps this isn't your first time. Nonetheless, there are crucial steps to follow before you go run 3.1 miles at an event that many actually forget. 5Ks can be a blast and a great experience for everyone involved, so now its time to be a part of it. Here's how to prepare for a 5K in the future!

Register For A Race

How To Prepare For A 5K

The first step in preparing for a 5K is to register for one. You can't just show up at one or tag along with a friends because they're going. Even if you haven't started training yet, go register. Some races have a fee you need to pay beforehand, waiver forms to fill out, and certain apparel to wear. Not to mention, registering for a race in advance will give you the motivation and purpose you need leading up to that date. There are many ways to find a race in your area or an event that interests you. Start Googling and exploring your social media now!

Run Daily & Count Steps

Running every day can be challenging, but it'll allow you to train and be prepared for your 5K. Even if you shoot for seven days and only end up running just three or four days, you’ll honestly be on track to have a great 5K. It's important to note that while you're training and actually running your 5K, don't track your distance. It doesn't matter how far you go or what the end number is, so don't feel pressured by this. Just get out there every day and focus on meeting your daily step goal, for walking counts just as much as running.

Eat & Drink Properly

How To Prepare For A 5K

Think of a 5K as a long and hard workout session. Therefore you also need to prepare for it with what you eat and drink beforehand. Number one: you always want to arrive hydrated. On the morning of the race, drink 16 ounces of water two to three hours before the start, and then another one to two cups right before the 5K starts. Next you need to fuel your tank with plenty of protein and carbs the night before. The morning of, stick to something that's easily digestible and full of energy. It's best to experiment with a few different foods that your body does best with before the actual race to see what exactly works for you. 

Focus On YOU

Listen - there's going to be A LOT of people at your 5K. Some people take the race seriously and become super competitive. Nonetheless, it's important while preparing for your 5K, that you don't get discouraged by the other runners. Just because other people are running fast and flying by, doesn't mean you have to. Your lungs will start to burn, your breathing will turn into panting, and you'll lose your steam quickly. Just focus on yourself, not the people who pass you on the path. Go at your own pace and slow down if needed, alternating between jogging and walking.

Have Fun & Finish Strong

How To Prepare For A 5K

A lot of people don’t immediately associate running with fun. However the more fun you have with it, the more likely you’re going to stick with it. Therefore as you're running, embrace it, smile, and relax! It's also crucial to finish your 5K strong, no matter how well you think you did. It’ll make your run that much more rewarding - we promise. 

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