How To Meditate On The Move

How To Meditate On The Move

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When people think of meditation, they typically picture someone sitting cross-legged with their index finger and thumb together, sometimes chanting "om." Yes this is one way to meditate, but it's definitely not the only way. Here are tips on how to meditate on the move, for you don't need to hold still to focus your mind and relax.

Walk Or Run

How To Meditate On The Move - walk or run

No need to close your eyes or find a quiet place to improve your spiritual health. You can actually meditate anywhere and at anytime - whether it's your desk, subway, hallway, or kitchen. All you need is a somewhat secluded hallway to meditate while walking or running. Choose to walk 10-15 paces, pause, take a few deep breaths, then repeat in the opposite direction. In order for you to get in a state of meditation, you have to focus your attention on how your feet move and the way your body weight shifts. Notice the sounds you hear and the sights you see and continue this for about 10 minutes. You can also try a running meditation, applying the same principles as you move more quickly.

Lather And Rinse

How To Meditate On The Move - washing dishes

This one might sounds weird, but you can actually meditate on the move while washing your hands or washing dishes. Standing at a sink is a stress reliever to many, as long as you're doing it mindfully. While you're washing something, smell the soap, notice the temperature of the water, and feel the suds. Tuning in and becoming aware of every little thing gives you the perfect opportunity to chill out.

Eat Mindfully

How To Meditate On The Move - mindful eating

Mindful eating is another way to meditate on the move. This is typically called "raisin meditation," when you pay close attention to a finger food and go on a trip down memory lane. Enhance your mindfulness by holding a particular food in your hand and noticing what it looks, feels, and smells like. Then place it in your mouth, chew very slowly, and carefully notice the taste and texture. Finally swallow, noting how your body feels as the food moves toward your stomach. You'll never eat the same again after this.

Belly Breathe

How To Meditate On The Move - breathing

When we’re stressed or anxious, our breath tends to be shallow. This is why you might tell yourself to “take a deep breath” when you want to calm down. You want to get your breath out of your chest and into your belly though for it to be the most relaxing. Put one hand just below your ribs and the other on your chest. Breathe into your belly through your nose, letting it expand while your chest stays still. Then breathe out through your lips, repeating up to 10 times. You can do this when you first wake up, at bedtime, or even in the conference room before a big meeting. Conscious breathing is very important for meditation and your overall well-being, so be sure to give it a try.

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