The Best Diet For Abs

The Best Diet For Abs

Ab exercises are definitely trending and on the rise, but don't be fooled by all the social media images you see. You stumble across someone with abs and you wonder: how much of that is exercise, diet, or simply good genes? You can somewhat control your body and get results if you follow the best diet for abs.

How Are Abs Made In The Kitchen?

The Best Diet For Abs - in the kitchen

You can honestly do ab exercises every single day and still not see much of a difference. This is because your muscles may be tucked away under a layer of fat. Therefore you can get your abs strong at the gym, but you need to cut in the kitchen. This is how abs are really made in the kitchen, as you have to change what you eat if you want to see results. For example, if you only have 5 pounds to lose, you might only need to build a little lean muscle. However if you have 20 pounds to lose, that’s a big difference, and that’s going to be 80% diet to get abs.

What To Eat To Get Abs

The Best Diet For Abs - ab food

There are many things to eat to get abs, and many foods you should avoid as well. Number one, definitely ditch processed and packaged foods. It’s also smart to avoid refined carbs, sugar, and alcohol, which are inflammatory foods that can actually make you appear puffy or bloated. You want to focus on whole foods that fuel your metabolism, along with plenty of protein and fiber to help reduce belly fat. Aim to eat the right amount of protein throughout the day with low-fat dairy, eggs, legumes, fish, lean meat, and veggies. Then, stock up on fresh fruit and whole grains for your sources of fiber.

How To Get Abs

The Best Diet For Abs

You can follow these diet tips for abs, but it comes down to exercising as well in order to get abs. A combo of cardio and weight training is the most effective for trimming your waistline and changing your body composition. You have to add that resistance training component in order to build muscle mass and keep burning calories over 24 hours at a time. So get your diet right, add cardio and strength training, and you’ll enhance that after-burn effect. You can even try high-intensity interval training and full-body moves to get rid of the most belly fat quickly. You'll be beach bod ready in no time! Just remember it's not one factor that results in abs. Consider genetics, body shape, diet, and exercise, along with others like sleep and stress. Just focus on your overall health and wellness, and you'll reach those goals and feel awesome either way. 

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