Proper Gym Attire and Etiquette

Proper Gym Attire and Etiquette

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Whether you’re new to a gym, or have been going there for years, it’s never too late to brush up on some proper gym attire and etiquette. Workouts should be fun for you, and pleasant for the people around you. To avoid any problems and get the most out of your workouts, follow this guide on proper gym attire and etiquette.

Proper Gym Attire

proper gym attire and etiquette

Always be sure you dress appropriately for the gym and follow their dress code. They have a dress code for a reason, which will help keep you safe and maximize your workout. Typically this is shorts, spandex, t-shirts, tanks, sport bras, and sneakers. Don’t wear any clothes that are too tight, see-through, or too short. In addition, it’s not safe to workout in any shoes besides sneakers. As far as jewelry goes, leave it at home or keep it to a minimal. The only accessory we recommend is a fitness tracker to help monitor your health and progress.

Cell Phones

You can bring and use your cell phone to listen to music with headphones, however, if you must take a phone call, go to a private area that’s not around others. You don't want to blast music or talk on the phone while working out, for it can be distracting and obnoxious to others. Not to mention, it's distracting to yourself and prevents you from focusing on your workout routine. This is another benefit of having the iFitness Pulse a part of your gym attire: you'll get notifications sent from your phone, but it'll prevent you from answering while exercising. Plus, you can track your fitness goals.

Proper Hygiene

Part of proper gym attire is proper hygiene. Always wear deodorant and keep your sweat to yourself. It is polite to keep a rag handy to wipe the sweat off your body and wipe the equipment down. However, don't overwhelm those around you with your cologne, perfume, or other products. Choose to spray yourself down when you leave or consider using the showers when you’re done.

Locker Room

proper gym attire and etiquette

The only things you should have on you are your: cell phone or smartwatch, water, and a rag if you choose. Everything else should be locked up in a locker (hence, the locker room). There is a locker room for a reason, so secure all your personal belongings in a locker with a padlock. Be sure to keep your body and your things to yourself, but still share the space. Therefore, don't lay all of your belongings out and take up more space than necessary. The locker room isn't your personal bathroom, so always clean up after yourself.

Water Fountain

proper gym attire and etiquette

As mentioned, proper gym attire includes a water bottle to stay hydrated. You can choose to refill your water bottle as many times as you want, but keep in mind some water fountain rules. If you see someone waiting behind you, let them go ahead of you before you take time to fill a large water bottle up. You don't want to take too long to fill your water bottle up or hog the fountain. It’s there to share, so also avoid putting your mouth on it and spitting into the fountain.

Handling Equipment

Besides proper gym attire, you must understand gym etiquette. Share the machines with other members who are waiting, and don't occupy one machine for too long. You should also always re-rack the weights you use and sanitize any equipment you have touched. It's rude to not place the equipment you’ve been using back where it belongs or clean up after yourself. Gyms have sanitized wipes and disinfectant sprays for a reason. You can also carry  your own personal towel with you as part of your gym attire.

Personal Space

This is another big one: give people their personal space. Don’t crowd others or choose something right next to an occupied machine. If you are waiting for equipment to become available, don’t hover directly over the person using it. Go to another machine and come back to it. You also shouldn't bother people during their workout. They're "in the zone," and you wouldn't want to be bothered either. Gym staff are available to help you if you need assistance on a machine, so go to them first. Remember to use common sense and courtesy.

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