Top Celebrities Wearing Smartwatches

Top Celebrities Wearing Smartwatches

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Over the last few years, celebrities have done their share to help promote wearable technology. Wearables are mainstream now, and tech companies love these famous trendsetters - especially when they don't even have to pay them to flaunt their goods. Whether it's for fitness or style purposes, here's the top celebrities wearing smart watches today.

Mike The Situation

celebrities wearing smartwatches

Mike Sorrentino, also known as "Mike The Situation" from MTV's hit series, The Jersey Shore, was seen wearing the iTouch Air 2 smartwatch in rose gold and black while at dinner. He posted on his Instagram with the caption:

"You know Big Daddy Sitch loves his food đŸ€€ thankfully my watch from @itouchwearables helps me stay on track, especially on cheat days! This tracks my heart rate, my calories burned and gives sedentary reminders! đŸ™ŒđŸ» Get yours at and use code MIKE10 for $10 off your purchase. That’s a good situation." 

He is also flaunting is wedding ring, which looks beautiful pared with his rose gold smartwatch, as he just recently got married to his beautiful wife, Lauren Sorrentino. 

Christen Whitney

celebrities wearing smartwatches

Christen Whitney, who starred on ABC's The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, was also seen wearing the iTouch Air 2 in rose gold and black. She paired this look with adorable pig-tails and a cute 'Elf' Christmas sweater for night-before-Christmas vibes. 

Zack Wheeler

celebrities wearing smartwatches

New York Mets Pitcher, Zack Wheeler, was spotted wearing the iTouch Air 2 in gold and black while riding bikes with his fiancee, Dominique Rizzo, who is wearing the iTouch Air 2 in rose gold and merlot. He posted on his Instagram with the caption:

"My new smartwatch tracks my steps, heart rate, distance, and sleep throughout the day. It would be a great Christmas gift!"

He posed on his bike with his fiancee and their cute dogs.

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