3 Total Body Relaxation Techniques

3 Total Body Relaxation Techniques

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The week is over and you're finally home. Can feel how tense your body is? Are your muscles tight? Is your back is hurting? Most people find it hard to unwind after a long week of intense stress and work. There are various methods of total body relaxation that can help you with this feeling. Relaxation has many benefits to your overall health. It can slow your heart rate down, improve digestion and concentration, reduce anger, while also improving sleep. Relaxation methods take many different forms, as some may even be a favorite hobby of yours. Below are 3 ways to help you achieve total body relaxation. 

Deep Breathing 

Total Body Relaxation

Believe it or not, lounging in front of the television does not reduce the effects of stress. One method that works well is deep breathing. This motion is powerful and convenient. This technique can take place anywhere at anytime. Breathing can also be combined with other relaxation methods. A personal favorite of mine is to use deep breathing along with aromatherapy, such as essential oils or candles. Breathing from your belly relaxes the nervous system causing the body to reduce blood pressure, heart rate,  and lowers stress. The steps for deep breathing are easy.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position or lay back slightly.
  2. Place your hand over your stomach and inhale deeply. As you breathe in your hand should rise.
  3. Exhale while contracting all your stomach muscles inward. The hand on your stomach should now be going down with motions. 
  4. Continue breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth while moving your stomach in and out as well. Repeat this process as many times as you would like. 

*Tip: Doing this technique in the dark helps to relax the mind as well as the body. Just don't fall asleep....or do!  


Total Body Relaxation

Yoga is a relaxation method involving a series of slow movements and breathing. This can help with stress and anxiety levels but also with flexibility and strengthening the muscles in your body. Yoga can be dangerous when performed alone or when you are inexperienced. The best way to learn some great movements is to attend a local class. However, below we have described some safe and easy types of yoga methods that can be done at home. 

Satyananda - Features subtle poses that focus on breathing, mediation, and calming the body. This yoga method is good for first timers and beginners to alleviate stress in their bodies. 

Power Yoga - This is an extreme form of yoga which is best suited for moderate to more serious yoga experts. This activity is great for helping to build strength in the muscles as well as working on fitness. With this exercise, relaxation comes from the stimulation in the muscles.  

Guided Imagery

Total Body Relaxation

This method of total body relaxation is simple and easy. Guided imagery is when you use your mind to conger up peaceful scenes, places, or experiences in the brain. You should choose imagery that you find personally soothing and meaningful to you. There are a variety of apps in which you can use to help you with this method. Most of the apps use recorded audio to describe a place or scene along with subtle music. This can build positive self-image as well. 

Hopefully these 3 methods help you to achieve total body relaxation when you are stressed. Share your techniques for total body relaxation by tagging us on Instagram @itouchwearables and Facebook @itouchweables.

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